Worker's Compensation Program

Brown employees are covered by statutory Rhode Island Workers' Compensation (WC) Insurance. This program is coordinated through the Brown University Office of Insurance Risk/Insurance Office. Every injury and employee situation is unique, therefore, the Office of Insurance Office handles each case on an individual basis.

General Guidelines

For injuries or occupational illnesses arising out of and in the course of one's employment, benefits include but are not limited to medical expenses and, in some instances, some or all lost wages. Employees may not receive benefits under Rhode Island Temporary Disability Insurance (RITDI) if they are receiving compensation under a WC claim or benefits under an unemployment compensation law of any state of the United States.

Reporting Injuries

Every injury, regardless of severity, must be reported to the employee's supervisor immediately to ensure appropriate medical attention, if needed, and to remedy the condition or circumstances that caused the incident. In most cases, employees will be directed to Health Services for initial treatment and, as necessary, referrals may be made for additional treatment.

Supervisors should review the details of accidents with the injured employee, complete the Brown University Accident Report Form and submit it to the Insurance Office within 48 hours of the accident. Delays in reporting may jeopardize an employee's eligibility for WC benefits.

The Insurance Office must receive proper medical documentation from the employee's attending physician substantiating the disability and work restrictions as soon as possible to process claims for lost wages and/or medical expenses.

Disability Status

If employees become unable to work due to work related injury or illness, their University status will be considered a Workers' Compensation Leave of Absence. Initially, this leave will be a Departmental Leave which is not to exceed six months.

The Insurance Office retains the right to review all work related Disability Leaves of Absences and, at its discretion, extend the original Departmental Leave or grant a University Leave of Absence.

After a disability of five or more days, a written release from the employee's attending physician is required.

Return to Work Program

Brown provides a comprehensive Return to Work program to facilitate injured employees' return to their original jobs or to temporary alternative positions. A variety of jobs and opportunities throughout the campus may be available for those able to work with medical consent.

The Return to Work program minimizes loss of wages and utilizes talents and skills during the rehabilitation process until employees are able to return to their original positions. The Return to Work program is coordinated by the Workers' Compensation Coordinator in the Office of Risk Management.

Physical Therapy Guidelines

Employees in a Modified Duty status, requiring release time for medically required Physical Therapy (PT), may be allowed up to, but not exceeding, one hour per day for a maximum of three days per week. The PT Guidelines are coordinated through the Insurance Office.

The need for therapy must be due to an on the job injury. Employees must obtain prior approval from their immediate supervisor and agree upon release and return time, before scheduling PT sessions. PT sessions should be scheduled during non-work hours when possible. Brown University reserves the right to review an employee's use and/or abuse of the PT Program and take appropriate actions.