About Institutional Diversity


Institutional Diversity is served by a variety of offices across campus. The Office of Institutional Diversity is led by the Associate Provost for Academic Development and Diversity, Liza Cariaga-Lo. She and Margot Saurette, the Data Analyst and Executive Assistant, manage the programs that foster diversity and report on the university's success in creating and supporting initiatives. They work with a variety of offices including Student and Employee Accessibility Services, the Sarah Doyle Center, the LGBTQ Center, the Office of the Chaplains and Religious Life, the TWC, Student Veterans and Commissioning Programs, HR's Office of Diversity and Inclusion,the Office of Student Life,  the Science Center, the Graduate School, the Dean of the College,  and the Division of Biology and Medicine


Liza Cariaga-Lo, Associate Provost for Academic Development and Diversity Office of the Provost
Margot Saurette, Data Analyst/Executive Assistant Office of the Provost
Mary Grace Almandrez, Director
Catherine Axe, Director
Director of Student and Employee Accessibility Services
Jabbar Bennett, Associate Dean of the Graduate School and Associate Dean of the Division of Biology and Medicine
Graduate School and Division of Biology and Medicine
Maitrayee Bhattacharyya, Associate Dean of the College for Diversity Programs
Director of the Brown University-Tougaloo College Partnership
Dean of the College
Joseph Browne, NSP Coordinator
Science Center
Karen McNeil, Program Director
Student Veterans and Commissioning Programs
Gail Cohee, Director
Sarah Doyle Center
Janet Cooper Nelson, Chaplain of the University
Office of the Chaplains and Religious Life
Kelly Garrett, Program Director
LGBTQ Center
Ricky Gresh, Director of Campus Life Projects
Office of the Vice President for Campus Life & Student Services
Wendy McRae-Oweye, Director of Staff Diversity and EEO/AA Officer Human Resources Office of Diversity and Inclusion
Ruthy Kohorn Rosenberg, University Ombudsperson Ombuds Office