Entrepreneurial Potential Assessment Website

Entrepreneurial Potential Assessment Website
Susana Correia Santos, Dimple Grover, Shariq Sheikh, Hyejin Yoon, Luciana Vieira, Emmanuel Adinyira, Uer-Aree Phothiyarom
Institutions / Country: 
JIIT University, University of Edinburg, University of Wisconsin, Unversidade do Vale do Rio do Sinos, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, University of Leeds
Participant in BIARI: 
Technology Entrepreneurship and Management

BIARI alumni funds supported the development of an inventory of factors of national entrepreneurial potential and activity (EPAI), that can then be tested and improved through input from other BIARI alumni, and ultimately constitute a key research resource for the social science of entrepreneurship. The Entrepreneurial Potential Assessment Website presents a three-fold opportunity to the BIARI community: (a) allows promoting the network among the BIARI/TEM community and; (b) opens new research opportunities among different BIARI/TEM participants; (c) provides free entrepreneurial potential assessment to the local community and would be entrepreneurs.