Jonathan Maxcy 1792-1802

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Study suggests that quitting smoking improves mood

Quit smoking; feel better:

PROVIDENCE, R.I. [Brown University] — Quitting smoking is certainly healthy for the body, but doctors and scientists haven’t been sure whether quitting makes people happier, especially since conventional wisdom says many smokers use cigarettes to ease anxiety and depression. In a new study, researchers tracked the symptoms of depression in people who were trying to quit and found that they were never happier than when they were being successful, for however long that was.

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Bigger than ever: Bell Gallery presents Faculty Triennial 2010

PROVIDENCE, R.I. [Brown University] — The David Winton Bell Gallery at Brown University presents Faculty Triennial 2010 from Friday, Dec. 3, 2010, through Sunday, Feb. 13, 2011, featuring the work of 24 faculty artists from five departments, the largest faculty exhibition ever at Brown. The exhibition represents artists from the departments of Visual Art, Modern Culture and Media, and Theater Arts and Performance Studies, as well as the Literary Arts Program and Multimedia and Electronic Experiments (MEME).

(Distributed January 7, 2011)

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Cristina Paxton

President of Brown University

Jonathan Maxcy graduated from Rhode Island College in 1787. His poem at Commencement was hailed by the audience and he "was induced with reluctance to consent to its publication." Maxcy was immediately appointed as a tutor by the College, and became president pro tempore in 1792, being given a trial period because of his youth. In 1797 he was formally elected president. Maxcy's skills as an orator and scholar were well-known and served to bolster the reputation of the fledgling College.

Of his presidency it was written: "[t]hough destitute of funds, and patronage from the legislature of the state, guided by his genius and wisdom, the College flourished and diffused its light over every part of the country...Dr. Maxcy was one of the most learned men which our country has produced...[h]is stores of knowledge were immense, and he had at all times the command over them." Maxcy did struggle, however, keeping "command over" matters of student discipline, as the College's men were noted to be rowdy during the young president's tenure. Maxcy resigned in 1802 to become president of Union College in New York.