Laptop theft is the highest reported crime on campus.  Most laptops are most often stolen when left unattended in the library or dining hall. 

Dorm rooms left unsecured and unattended create an open opportunity for a theft to occur. Community members are encouraged to take their laptop with them when leaving the area or to have a friend or colleague keep an eye on their property if necessary during a restroom break. 

Laptops, tablets and other electronics can also be registered with the DPS Crime Prevention Unit for free.  As a part of registration , a decal is placed on the property and often serves as a deterrent to a would-be thief.  Also, should your registered property be stolen, misplaced and subsequently recovered, DPS can easily return it to you.  Call 863-1438 for more information about the DPS Operation ID Program.

A theft can happen within minutes.  Lock it up or lose it.