Orientations to Teaching at Brown

The Center offers orientations to teaching at Brown for all new instructors.  Faculty and postdocs are welcome to attend the Center’s orientation for new faculty. Graduate students should attend the orientation for New TAs.

We encourage all new instructors to explore the Teaching at Brown section of our website.

New Faculty Orientation to Teaching at Brown

In conjunction with the Office of the Dean of the Faculty, the Center offers a New Faculty Orientation to Teaching at Brown before the start of classes each semester.  The fall orientation features:

The mid-year new instructor orientation features an overview of teaching at Brown by faculty from across the University.  Faculty panelists describe Brown's open curriculum, discuss a variety of campus resources for teaching, learning, and student support.  They also provide extensive practical advice for new instructors on topics ranging from syllabus design and grading to library resources and support for classroom technologies.  New instructors have the opportunity to ask questions and engage in conversation in an informal setting.

In conjunction with these orientations, the Center offers a Fundamentals: Teaching + Learning Workshop Series addressing practical strategies for new instructors and covering topics such as “Teaching for the First Time,” “Interactive Classrooms” and “Grading Strategies.”   

See the Sheridan Center calendar  for this year’s dates. Registration for New Faculty Orientation 2015 opens in Summer 2015.

New TA Orientation to Teaching at Brown

In conjunction with the Graduate School, the Sheridan Center offers an orientation for first-time Teaching Assistants. Designed to complement departmental TA training, the orientation features:

  • an introduction to TA’ing at Brown by the Dean of the College and the Dean of the Graduate School,
  • a presentation on engaging students with disabilities by the Director of Student & Employee Accessibility Services,
  • hands-on, interactive workshops on the topics “Teaching for the First Time,” “Interactive Classrooms” and “Grading Strategies”
  • an opportunity for new TAs to discuss their roles and responsibilities with experienced TAs and faculty. 

The workshops offered at New TA Orientation are part of our Fundamentals: Teaching + Learning Workshop Series, which addresses practical strategies for new instructors.   Additional “Fundamentals” workshops are held throughout the academic year, and new TAs are welcome to attend.  

See the Sheridan Center calendar for this year’s dates. Registration for New TA Orientation opens in Summer 2015.