Sheridan Award Recipients, 1997 - present

The following members of the Brown teaching community
have been recognized with the Harriet W. Sheridan Award for
Distinguished Contribution to Teaching and Learning since
1997.  Click on a name to see the citation for that individual.  
Citations are available from 1999 through the present.


Luba Dumenco, M.D.
Lecturer in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University

You were enthusiastically nominated by your colleagues and students, who have been inspired by your outstanding efforts in teaching, mentoring, and curriculum development.

Your leadership in restructuring the medical school curriculum has had significant impact on the quality of medical education at Brown, and the team-based learning approaches have enhanced the engagement of students and faculty alike. Colleagues have praised your mentorship of junior and senior faculty in teaching and course development. Your generous and unending mentorship of students is legendary – students have whole-heartedly expressed their gratitude for the lifelong impact you have had on their learning and professional development as future professionals, mentors and scholars.

One of your students writes:
Simply mention the name “Luba” to Brown medical students…and you will witness a beautiful response: furrowed brows relax and smiles spread over once-anxious faces. We, Luba’s students, have all relied on her positivity, support, and encouragement to bring us safely through the unchartered, stressful, and sometimes overwhelming passage through medical school. She sees strengths in us that we had not seen ourselves, and she elevates us to become the people and doctors we desire to be.”

Stéphanie Ravillon, Ph.D.
Lecturer in the Department of French Studies

You were enthusiastically nominated by your colleagues and students who have been inspired by the unwavering generosity with which you have shared the talents of your teaching, mentoring and vision, the formative impact you have had on the pedagogical practice and philosophy of graduate students, and the sound and passionate contributions you have made to the French Studies undergraduate program as a whole.

The outstanding letters of nomination and support are testament to how extensively you have been, and continue to be, an inspiration to your students and colleagues.  Your materials have been recognized on a national level by the way you have integrated literature and “literariness”, and your colleagues have marveled at your creative and effective integration of interactive technology to create student-centered learning environments.  Your leadership and innovation have not only benefitted undergraduates studying French, but have extended to other departments as well.

Students and colleagues alike have been struck by your quiet but genuine enthusiasm, your remarkable imagination and creativity, and the gentle humility underlying your extraordinary accomplishments.

One of your former students writes:
Stéphanie's leadership and mentoring are one of the primary reasons I am the teacher I am today… In my ten years of teaching at Brown and other institutions, I cannot think of a single person who has influenced my teaching more. To put it simply, Stephanie is an exemplary teacher, mentor, and leader.”

















  • Peter Heywood (Bio-MCB)
  • Kenneth R. Miller (Bio-MCB)


  • Elizabeth Kirk (English)
  • Stanley K. Stowers (Religious Studies)
  • Susan Smulyan (American Civilization)
  • John L. Thomas (History)
  • William F. Wyatt, Jr. (Classics)
  • Rebecca S. More (History; Sheridan Center)