Sheridan Teaching Certificate II

The Course Design Seminar - Principles + Practice

Program Description

In Certificate II, members of the Brown teaching community develop strategies and practices for course design, implementation and assessment in alignment with learning goals.  Over the course of the seminar’s seven
sessions, participants learn about and apply principles of course design to a single course they are likely to have the opportunity to teach, and ultimately develop a draft syllabus for that course.  Throughout the seminar, participants
give and receive peer feedback, and interact with colleagues from a variety of disciplines.

The topics of seminar’s seven sessions include:

  • Articulating Learning Goals
  • Designing, Facilitating and Assessing a Single Class Session
  • Effective Discussions
  • Engaging Lectures
  • Assignments and Assessments
  • Syllabus Design  
  • Classroom Communication

Learning Objectives
Upon completing the Certificate II program, participants will be able to:

  • plan and implement teaching strategies in relation to specific learning goals, and assess whether students have achieved these learning goals;
  • plan how to use and assess various pedagogical approaches to engage diverse learners;
  • formulate a syllabus that explicitly communicates their reflective teaching practice as applied to design, implementation and assessment.


  • Participation in all of the seminar’s seven sessions  
  • Completion of all required assignments; specifically, submission of:
    • Pre- and post-session assignments
    • Final assignment
    • Written responses to peer assignments 

NB: All requirements must be completed within the course of a single academic year. 


  • Certificate I

Registration for 2014-15 is now closed. Registration for 2015-16 will open on July 1, 2015.