SAC is listening to you. To make our support for staff and general operations more transparent we have instituted a new feedback system for the Brown community to communicate with us.

We are available to you by email to, mail to Brown University, Box 1955, or direct contact with any SAC member. You may also anonymously leave your feedback via our online form.

The table below will be updated periodically to show the status of unresolved issues. Note that general comments, non-actionable submissions and closed issues will not appear in this table. Full reports of staff feedback along with SAC's response will be added under the appropriate year and month in the feedback menu when the issue is resolved.

Unresolved Issues (Summary) Status Updated
Frustration with smoking on campus
Discussed [2014-04-08] 2014-04-08
Frustration with accessibility of Employee Education Program
Scheduled [2014-04-22]
Request for treadmill desk for health and productivity Assigned [MT] 2014-03-26
Concern with safety and accessibility of 200 Dyer Street due to lack of shuttle stop Discussed [2014-04-08] 2014-04-08
Feeling underappreciated for many years of service to Brown Assigned [AD] 2014-04-03
Concern with perceived inequity between benefits for staff with and without children Assigned [DR] 2014-04-04
Request for shuttle coverage at Providence train station Assigned [JB] 2014-04-04
Request for clear and public communication about SAC's mission and goals Assigned [EB] 2014-04-04
Frustration with feeling restricted in access to Brown's gym and fitness activities Assigned [KD] 2014-04-04
Frustration with scheduling of Wellness Program sessions Assigned [MT] 2014-04-04
Interest in indoor market during Winter months Scheduled [2014-04-22] 2014-04-18
SAC alumn interested in being more connected to SAC Assigned [AD] 2014-04-04
Concern that Excellence Awards do not reflect excellence  beyond required job Assigned [DR] 2014-04-04
Concern with equity and consistency among job titles, descriptions, and grades Assigned [JB] 2014-04-04
Frustration with salary disparities among similar positions in different departments Assigned [EB] 2014-04-04
Desire to be better informed about opportunities and activities at Brown Assigned [MT] 2014-04-04
Frustration with the staff role in performance reviews of self and supervisor Assigned [KD] 2014-04-14
Concern with bullying among employees at Brown Assigned [SA] 2014-04-14
Frustration with the ease of completing performance reviews Assigned [DR] 2014-04-14
Concern that summer hours at the fitness cent