SAC Elects 2014 Chairs

SAC is pleased to announce that we have elected Joseph Browne, NSP Coordinator in the Dean of the College’s Office, and Christopher Gilbody, Assistant Director of Financial Aid, to jointly chair the Council for 2014. Jo and Chris will serve as co-chairs with current chair Jessica Hodgdon from now through December; in January they will take over full chair responsibilities from Jessica. We are delighted at their enthusiasm for their new role and we look forward to what we are sure will be exciting contributions from both.

(Distributed July 10, 2013)

SAC to Hold Monthly Open Forums

SAC says...:

SAC has scheduled monthly open forums through the end of the year. We'd like to hear from you about the issues that concern you as Brown staff members. Is there a question you have that you don't know how to find the answer to? An idea that you think would make Brown a better place to work—or a place that works better? Or would you just like to meet your staff representatives on SAC and some of your other Brown colleagues and find out what they have to say? Please join us! All forums are scheduled for Tuesday from noon–1 pm. Use the links below to view locations and to register. 

(Distributed July 9, 2013)

SAC Holds Raffle and Forum at Staff Development Day

SAC table at Staff Development Day; the smiling women in sunglasses and bright colors are SAC members Jenna Legault (left) and Anika Profit (right):

Tuesday, June 4 was Brown's 20th Staff Development Day! In honor of the birthday, Mother Nature bestowed upon Brown the most beautiful day imaginable. Campus was at its most spectacular and attendees' spirits were high. A number of SAC members were out bright and early, waiting at the SAC table to greet the gathering horde, handing out goodie bags, accepting entries for the gift basket raffle, and chatting about SAC. President Paxson stopped by to greet those at our table and the neighboring breakfast buffet lines.

(Distributed June 5, 2013)