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Brown Center for Students of Color (BCSC) Office Assistant

Fri, 03/27/2015 - 06:55
The Brown Center for Students of Color (BCSC) provides an arena in which students can explore cultural heritages and learn about race and ethnicity as components of American identity. The Center provides a variety of services, support, and outreach to the Brown student body to promote both academic and co-curricular achievement. Programs of the Center include, but are not limited to: Third World Transition Program (TWTP), Minority Peer Counselor (MPC) and Black (BHS), Latino (LHS), Asian/Asian American (AAHS), Native American (NAHS) and Multiracial Heritage Series (MRHS). The Office Assistant is an ambassador of the BCSC and is held to the same level of accountability as other student staff within the Center, in promoting the mission and vision of the Center to serve the Brown community. The Office Assistant is expected to notify the Coordinator for First Year and Sophomore Programs when not reporting for work as scheduled and are otherwise expected to be punctual and reliable when reporting for work.

Research Assistant- 3D Modeling

Fri, 03/27/2015 - 05:53
Developing a simple rigged model of a bat. This model will be fit to 3D videogrammetry data. Candidate will then use the rigged model and photogrammetry data to parameterize the model.

BCSC Social Justice Peer Education Coordinator

Fri, 03/27/2015 - 05:37
The Social Justice Peer Education Coordinators (SJPECs) are mentors, who work with the Coordinator for First Year & Sophomore Programs (CFSYP), to provide leadership and support to the Social Justice Peer Educators (SJPEs). The role of the SJPE Coordinator is one of support, coordination, and mentorship. SJPE Coordinators are expected to work closely with each other, the CFSYP and other professional staff to carry out the expectations listed below: Leadership Work in partnership with the Coordinator for First Year & Sophomore Programs to ensure that SJPEs are fulfilling their responsibilities in an appropriate and ethical way. SJPE Support and Community Building Knowledgeable of a wide range of issues, including but not limited to race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, religious identification, and nationality. Help each SJPE develop an effective and accessible peer mentoring style. Support SJPEs in their efforts to work collaboratively and effectively with workshop participants and other campus partners. Campus Resource Uphold the reputation and respect of the BCSC and SJPE Program within the greater Brown community.

Personal Assistant

Fri, 03/27/2015 - 05:30
Seeking very organized individual to help organize papers in order to file taxes and set up system to handle incoming paperwork.

Native American Heritage Series Programmer

Fri, 03/27/2015 - 05:24
The primary role of the Native American Series Programmer involves coordinating and programming the Native American Series. The programmer(s) must work closely with Native Americans at Brown (NAB), and all other student organizations relating to Native students on campus to facilitate communication and schedule events. The programmer(s) should also: reach out to non-Native student organizations seeking collaborative programming and co-sponsorship. attend a monthly Spring and Fall Training attend mandatory monthly meetings with all BCSC staff planning of the series a semester in advance to ensure timely programming. creation of a planning binder to help with future event planning. programming at least one faculty engagement event. programmers will also need to recruit and work closely with a steering committee to ensure that the opinion of the greater Native American community on campus is considered. Programmers will need to access funds through UFB and launch fundraising efforts involving student organizations, departments and center. organizing and overseeing all projects under the supervision of the BCSC Assistant Director and Program Associate. providing support to the BCSC in the student recruitment process assist BCSC staff and other programmers in the work of the Center. Traditionally, the Native American Programmer has also worked closely with the staff of the Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity in America and the Haffenreffer Museum.

Assist In Serving At Dinner Party

Fri, 03/27/2015 - 05:20
2 persons to assist with serving dinner at a private residence on Friday, April 3rd from 5:00 pm until 9:30 pm

Tennis Instructor/Fitness Instructor

Fri, 03/27/2015 - 05:17
We are actively recruiting for tennis instructors, fitness instructors and supervisors. Full and part time positions are available for this summer, beginning June 8, 2015. The Academy works with children who are serious competitive tennis players, or are strong athletes wishing to become competitive tennis players. We also hold special introductory sessions for younger children seeking to become competitive players. The Academy delivers comprehensive tennis training programs using very new, different, and exciting techniques. Our model is filled with both focused tennis training as well as unique and exciting tennis education and cluster activities. The end result is players and staff with not only increased competitive tennis skills, but also a better appreciation of the sport and how to successfully apply intense and comprehensive training for better competitive results. We seek staff who have the skills and desire to teach and coach tennis and staff to teach and coach general fitness and conditioning for competitive athletics. Teaching/coaching experience and a strong competitive tennis playing background or physical fitness training background is desired, but not the only requirement. In addition the Academy is seeking staff who; Are passionate about the sport and working with children, wish to learn new teaching techniques and be part of a professional team of highly skilled instructors and coaches, are mature, dedicated, responsible, and enjoy acting as a role model for young people, consider sportsmanship and working as part of a team just as important as winning, and enjoy working in a high energy environment. If you possess these qualities, we encourage you to apply. For those applicants invited to join our teaching staff, we offer competitive pay, flexible work hours, advanced instruction training, opportunities to train to improve your own game, and a very positive work environment. There is also free shuttle bus transportation from the Boston MBTA green line to our Academy location in Newton, MA during the summer. Positions are available now. Applicants should send a resume and related tennis/physical fitness training background information to:

ENVS-0510 Teaching Assistant

Fri, 03/27/2015 - 05:06
Need 1 to 2 teaching assistants for the course ENVS-0510, Problems in International Environmental Policy. The Teaching Assistant's (T.A.'s) primary responsibilities include: 1. Help to update and maintain the Canvas website; 2. Assist in advising students on assigned works; 3. Assist in evaluation of student performance on assignments; 4. Conduct library and/or web-based research, as necessary, to support Canvas discussion list; 5. Hold office hours for one (1) hour per week or every other week; 6. Help to coordinate class activities such as mediating the mock treaty negotiation and holding exam reviews.

Summer Ambassador

Thu, 03/26/2015 - 11:38
Gain valuable experience in higher ed recruitment by working with the Admission Office this summer! Summer Ambassadors provide campus tours and personal perspectives to prospective students and their families, greet guests at the Campus Center, learn the ins and outs of admission, and assist with special projects for the Admission Office.

Web Developer

Thu, 03/26/2015 - 10:26
Effective immediately, Middle East Studies|Brown seeks a student web developer to manage its Wordpress website The ideal candidate needs to be familiar with coding, adding new features, enhancing navigation, and applying product updates and upgrades. S/he must be available to troubleshoot, provide security against hackers and spammers, and to optimize the site to drive traffic to it.

ENVS 1400 Teaching Assistant

Thu, 03/26/2015 - 09:56
Responsibilities include: •acting as a resource to students in class •Acting as a resource to the professor in class •Enabling active class participation and to ensure clear understanding of the subject matter covered. •Supporting and updating course Canvas site •Supporting and assisting the student case studies •Coordinating group project tasks and communication •Commitment of an average of 10 hours per week •attending class meetings and additional meetings

ENVS-0110 Teaching Assistant

Thu, 03/26/2015 - 09:53
Student will be expected to perform the following tasks - Lead & organize a weekly discussion section of 15-20 students and coordinate an engaged scholarship project with the section members • Complete all weekly reading assignments • Coordinate one class fieldtrip for 15-20 students • Attend a weekly 1.5 hour TA meeting (time TBD) as well as all class times (MWF 10:00-10:50). • Hold weekly office hours • Student may be asked to review and comment on section members' individual project proposals.

ENVS-0110 Course Assignment Assistant

Thu, 03/26/2015 - 09:44
• Student will be expected to comment and critique 75-90 weekly reading reviews (with guidance from instructor) • Must also read all weekly assignments

Black Heritage Series Programmer

Thu, 03/26/2015 - 07:23
The primary role of the Black Heritage Series Programmer(s) involves coordinating and programming the Black Heritage Series throughout the academic year.The focus of the series is on African/African American, Caribbean, and Cape Verdean programming. In order to facilitate communication and schedule events effectively, the programmer must work closely with the Black Student Union (BSU), Students Of Caribbean Ancestry (SOCA) and all other student organizations relating to Black students on campus and the Black community at large. Additional duties of the Black Heritage Series Programmers include: attending mandatory Spring and Fall trainings attending mandatory monthly meetings with all BCSC staff. reaching out to non-Black student organizations to inquire about the possibility of collaboration in event planning. planning of the series a semester in advance to ensure timely programming. creation of a planning binder to help with future event planning. At least one event must be a faculty engagement event. accessing funds through UFB and launching fundraising efforts involving student organizations, departments, and centers. organizing and overseeing the execution of projects (including any necessary clerical work) under the supervision of the BCSC Assistant Director and Program Associate. assisting BCSC staff and other programmers in the work of the Center. documenting all transactions, emails and other correspondence for future reference.

Multiracial Heriatge Series Programmer

Thu, 03/26/2015 - 05:06
The primary role of the Multiracial Identity Series programmer(s) involves coordinating and programming Multiracial Heritage Series. In order to facilitate communication and to effectively schedule events, the programmer(s) must work closely with the Brown Organization of Multiracial and Biracial Students (BOMBS) and all other student organizations and heritage series relating to multiracial students and issues on campus.

Brown Center for Students of Color (BCSC) Webmaster

Thu, 03/26/2015 - 04:52
This staffer is responsible for maintaining the BCSC website to provide information and graphics on BCSC and campus wide programming related to racial/ethnic/ and cultural diversity, including separate web pages for each cultural series weekly; updating the Center’s e-bulletin that is distributed to the Brown community highlighting events and announcements; assisting the administration with the online applications used for TWTP registration and various student staff positions; Ideally, s/he will develop strategies for implementing new media, social media, and web tools to facilitate BCSC initiatives.

Administrative Assistant

Wed, 03/25/2015 - 10:33
Speidel is looking for an energetic and hardworking individual to join our team in the Customer Service department. This is a PART TIME position open for Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays. We are looking for someone to help us: 1. Key in customer orders 2. Organize and file documents. 3. Ship assorted packages 4. Receive, process, and catalog returned merchandise 5. Assist Customer Service Representatives in daily duties and work projects.

Teaching Assistant: BIOL0470 (Genetics)

Mon, 03/23/2015 - 05:51
Undergraduate teaching assistants play a critically important role in Bio 0470 – Genetics. If you have taken the course, you know the importance of working through problems. If you did well in the course, you probably succeeded in finding strategies for solving them. The primary responsibility of the undergraduate TA is to provide guidance during the problem-solving process and to share some of the strategies that lead you to success in the course. Undergraduate TAs interact with students primarily during clinic hours. Each TA is responsible for covering 2 clinic hours per week. There are always at least two TAs in clinic at any given time. TAs guide students in solving the currently assigned problem set. Undergraduate TAs are also responsible for the grading of ~ 15 problem sets each week.