Workday: Student Time Tracker

Information on submitting and approving hours worked


All student workers actively working in positions at Brown are required to enter and submit hours worked using Workday Time Tracking. Time Tracking allows student workers to submit hours worked in multiple positions throughout the University (except in positions using KRONOS to record time).   

1.  You must enter and submit your time worked each week in order to be paid; all time must be submitted by midnight on Saturday each week. You may download step-by-step instructions from the Workday Knowledge Center. Please remember that time not submitted through Workday will not be paid until the following pay period.

2. Access Workday using your single sign-on username and password from the Workday Website page, and learn about other Workday features such as electing direct deposit, viewing payslips, and making federal withholding elections.

3. Need help entering and submitting time? If you have questions about submitting time in Workday, you may also contact the Timekeeper(s) or Manager listed under the Support Groups icon in Workday, or call the Workday Support Line at 401-863-9675. 



As of March 10, 2013, all student workers actively working in positions at Brown are required to enter and submit hours worked using Workday Time Tracking.  

Human Resources recommends orienting new student workers to this process and reaching out to existing student workers to ensure they understand these requirements. In addition, you may want to communicate this information with managers who share responsibilities for overseeing student workers in your department. If you have questions regarding Student Time Tracking, contact the Workday Support Line at 863-9675.


Human Resources and Payroll have received inquiries about using one-time payments to pay hourly employees for hours not submitted via Time Tracking. Any hours not submitted via Time Tracking cannot be paid via one-time payment. Departments trying to address discrepancies for hourly employees due to lack of hours submitted and/or approved must contact the Payroll Office directly via email ( with the specific details of their issue (i.e. number of hours not submitted and paid, etc.). Please note, this request will not issue an on-demand check - in most cases, the hours will be paid in the next pay period.