SEAS onCall

The Brown SEAS onCall service is  primarily a reservation-based transport for members of the Brown community who have disabilities and need assistance getting around campus.

The service is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. DST or 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST when classes are in session and on an express morning and afternoon schedule during session breaks. RISD community members who need assistance should call RISD Public Safety at 401-454-6376.

Who May Use SEAS onCall?

Any currently enrolled student, faculty, or staff member of Brown University with a permanent or temporary disability may request this service.

How to use SEAS onCall


  • SEAS onCall riders must register with the Student and Employee Accessibility Services office and provide documentation of their disability and need for the service.
  • Registration forms (an Information and Release Form and a SEAS onCall Shuttle Schedule  Form) and detailed information about documenting a disability are available in the SEAS office located at 20 Benevolent Street or on the SEAS web site.
  • All paperwork must be completed and approved by the SEAS Director before service use begins, however the onset of a disability can be unpredictable and may necessitate using the service on a provisional basis while paperwork is completed. In this event, registration materials can be provided by the driver when the initial ride is requested and faxed to SEAS or returned to the driver when completed.

Scheduling Rides

  • Once registered with SEAS and approved to use the service, a potential rider must complete a SEAS onCall Schedule Form. The majority of the riders using the service will need rides on a regular basis and will have a set schedule for each day of the week. Schedules will be updated per rider request.
  • The SEAS Office will e-mail students weekly to remind them to notify SEASE onCall if there are any schedule changes. Riders are asked to provide 24-hour notice of any schedule change.
  • Changes are usually submitted to the  Dispatcher by email ( or by phone (401-225-9572). Riders may contact the SEAS onCall dispatcher directly through  First Transit  for same-day changes in the event they must miss, cancel, or add a ride. Rides may be rescheduled if the driver believes there will be time in the regular schedule to accommodate the change.

Pick-Up and Drop-Off Points

  • Riders arrange specific, on-campus pick-up and drop-off points based on their needs.
  • The timing for pick-up and drop-off may require some flexibility and patience while other riders are collected.
  • Riders frequently use the shuttle to get to class, to move between classes, and to reach dining halls, the library, and the athletic center.
  • Riders cannot be picked up or dropped off at off-campus locations unless it is their home address and in within the oncall coverage area.


  • Riders are expected to be on time and to provide notice if they will be late or need to cancel a ride.
  • Schedule changes and any change in disability-related needs must be reported to the SEAS Dispatcher immediately.
  • If the University closes and cancels classes due to inclement weather, SEAS onCall will not operate.
  • If the University remains open, SEAS onCall will operate unless road conditions become hazardous.
  • If SEAS onCall service must be cancelled and the University has not closed, the SEAS Dispatcher will contact riders to alert them that the service has stopped for the day.
  • Once service is cancelled for the day, it will not resume until the next day that the University is open.
  • In the event of an accident or emergency, the SEAS onCall driver will contact the SEAS office as soon as circumstances permit.
  • Complaints should be directed to the SEAS Office at 401-863-9588 or directly to First Transit, the SEAS onCall provider, at 401-521-0730.

Contact Information

SEAS Office
Erin Karalekas 

SEAS Director
Cathie Axe