Parking Violations and Penalties

Parking violations include failure to display a valid permit, blocking a fire lane, parking in other than the lot designated on the vehicle’s permit, parking in a prohibited area, and conduct prejudicial to the rights of other permit holders.

1st Parking Violation $30 Fine
2nd Parking Violation $60 Fine
Subsequent Parking Violations $90 Fine + tow**
Snow Emergency Violation $60 Fine + tow**
1st Handicap Zone Violation $60 Fine + tow**
2nd Handicap Zone Violation $180 Fine + tow**
Subsequent HC Zone Violations $200 Fine, permit revocation, + tow**
Vandalism $200 Fine + permit revocation
Unpaid Parking Violations Permit revocation + tow**
Use of Fraudulent Parking Permit $200 Fine + permit revocation
Providing Lot Access to Unauthorized Vehicle $200 Fine + permit revocation
**Towing cost and storage fees are payable to the towing company and are in addition to the fine.

Fines are payable within twenty-one (21) calendar days of issuance and failure to pay may jeopardize future parking privileges. Vehicles with outstanding parking violations are subject to towing at owner’s expense if parked in a University lot.

Arrangements for payment of fines can be made online via the Online Violation Payments/Appeals program , in person at the Parking Office during business hours, by credit card using the Online Violation Payments/Appeals program, or by mail sent to the Parking Office, Box 1865, Providence, RI 02912.

Parking Violation Appeals

An individual who has received notice of a parking violation by ticket or other form may appeal the fine to the Parking Appeals Board within seven (7) days of issuance of the violation via the Appeals Section of the Online Violation Payments/Appeals program. After the 7 day appeal period has expired, the ticket will no longer be eligible for appeal.

The Parking Appeals Board will render a decision within fifteen (15) business days after the appeal has been received. The Online Parking Registration program will generate an email notifying the appellant of the Board’s decision. It is the responsibility of the person filing the appeal to check for the Board’s decision supplied by email.

Anyone who has difficulty filing an appeal through the Online Violation Payments/Appeals program may go to the Parking Office for assistance.

A six-member Parking Appeals Board administers the appeals process. The Transportation Manager chairs and assists the Board but is not a voting member.

The Parking Appeals Board has the power to affirm, reverse, or modify the fine imposed. All decisions of the Parking Appeals Board are final and binding.