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Joslin Award Recipients 2015

The Joslin Award, given in the name of Judge Alfred H. Joslin '36, recognizes a small group of seniors who have contributed in a very significant way to the quality of student life at Brown. The 2015 Joslin Award recipients were honored at a ceremony Friday of Commencement Weekend. The names of the students and descriptions of their involvement in and contributions to the Brown and Providence communities may be read on the Joslin pages.

(Distributed May 27, 2015)

FAQs about the Sexual Assault Campus Climate Survey

A document of Frequently Asked Questions about the Campus Climate Survey was provided by Westat, the private research organization working with the Association of American Universities to administer the survey.

Each page of the online survey includes a link to on- and off-campus resources students can contact if questions are upsetting or raise questions or concerns. A variety of resources are included so students can choose to contact the one(s) they think would be most helpful. A list of Resources is also available on Brown's Health Promotion website.

(Distributed April 7, 2015)

Campus Climate Survey of Sexual Assault and Sexual Misconduct

Undergraduate, graduate, and medical students received this morning an invitation to participate in a campus climate survey of sexual assault and sexual misconduct. This survey is sponsored by Brown in collaboration with the Association of American Universities (AAU).  Westat, a private research organization, is administering the survey and will be assisting in the analysis of data.

(Distributed April 2, 2015)

Community Events 3/31 and Support Resources

Two resources from Counseling and Psychological Services you may find useful are Normal reactions to tragic events, and Supporting yourself and others.

Dear Brown Community Members,

We are deeply saddened by the death of a Brown University graduate student earlier today. This is a difficult moment for our community, and we realize that many faculty, students, and staff have been affected in different ways by this tragic loss. In these moments, it is important that we can turn toward each other for support and comfort.

(Distributed March 31, 2015)