Emergency Communication

Emergency Alerts: Text and Email

Brown has an emergency campus alert system that can contact students, faculty and staff within minutes if there is an urgent situation or crisis.  All Brown email addresses and Brown-owned phone numbers are loaded into the system. 

As a student, to receive emergency text broadcasts on your personal cell phone, you must provide your cell phone number in Banner. Log into the Secure Area of your Banner web account at https://selfservice.brown.edu and select the Personal Information link.

In the event of a campus emergency, communication with those on campus will be our first priority; information and updates will be posted on http://emergency.brown.edu

Emergency Contact Information

The emergency broadcast system, described above, is for notifying a large group of people about an urgent or crisis situation.  At the personal level, you may (and we request that you do) tell the University who should be contacted in the event that you have an emergency and cannot call that person yourself.  Please log into selfservice.brown.edu and ensure that there is Emergency Contact information in your Personal Information; please provide name, address and phone number.