Workday Security Role Confidentiality Agreement

Workday Security Role Confidentiality Agreement

Employees with an assigned security role are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their accessible data through privileged system rights and may only use such data, as necessary, for the purpose for which access has been granted.  This includes protecting data from those who do not have authorization to see or access this information.  Workday roles are not transferable and passwords are not to be shared to the Workday system. Individuals who do not believe they should be assigned a specific Workday role should contact Human Resources.

Those with assigned roles also have the responsibility for securing data while it is in use and when it is stored (on or offline), printed, faxed or archived. This includes, but is not limited to: appropriate safeguards including locking your workstation when leaving your desk, placing your monitor so that it cannot be viewed by others, deploying privacy screens as necessary, securing mobile devices, and not sharing passwords.

Employees with assigned roles may not disclose Workday information in any manner of communication; this includes file transfer, written or oral communication, unauthorized forwarding of email, or by other means of disclosure without proper authorization or without a business need required by the Workday system.

If at any time data is thought to be compromised, those with assigned organizational roles must notify Human Resources immediately.  The intentional act of inappropriately accessing data and information by sharing passwords or system access and/or causing information to be compromised through negligence or failure to appropriately safeguard such information and data may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

I have read the above agreement and understand the condition of agreement.