Workday for Student Workers

Brown went live with its new HR/Payroll system, Workday, on July 1, 2012. Many paper-driven business processes, such as recording student hours worked, will now be automated to make it easier and faster to submit and track payroll information.  Click here for an overview of Workday for student workers.

What does this mean for student workers?

  • Time Tracking functionality in Workday will be launched for all student workers to enter and submit the time worked in their Brown student jobs. 
  • Student workers will be required to enter and submit their time worked each week in order to be paid; all time must be submitted by end of day on Saturday.
  • If time is not approved by the deadline, time will not be paid until the following pay period.
  • Time Tracking functionality allows student workers to submit hours worked for multiple positions in different departments.

How do student workers access Workday to submit hours?  

  • Click here to log into Workday using single sign-on.
  • Access Time Tracking through a new Time Worklet on the All About Me page.
  • Click here to view a video on how to submit hours worked; click here for a one-page overview.
  • Use the Support Groups Worklet on the All About Me page to identify the Timekeeper in each department; this is  the person responsible for approving time for student workers

What can be viewed in Workday? 

  • Using the Pay Worklet on the All About Me page, you will now be able to view your payroll information, make direct deposit elections, and federal withholding elections in Workday; click here to go green with Workday.
  • Payslips and W-2s may be viewed and printed directly from Workday.
  • Paper payslips can be surpressed directly via Workday.

 What other information do students need to know? 

  • Time Tracking will not be used for student worker positions currently using KRONOS to record time; however, student workers will be able to enter time for additional positions for which KRONOS is not used.
  • Banner remains the system of record for all student information; personal information changes and academic record information must be reviewed and updated in Banner.

Where should student workers go for help? 

  • Click here to view Frequently Asked Questions on entering time.
  • Student workers who have trouble logging into Workday should contact the CIS Help Desk at 863-HELP or