Graduate School Commencement

Essential Information

Commencement is an important event for you, your family, and the entire University community. To participate in this event, eligible graduate students need to take several steps beginning in mid-January:

1. Fill out the Application to Graduate on self-service Banner by May 1 (Registrar’s requirement)

  • The University can only graduate and generate diplomas for graduate students who complete this application.
  • The application, which is available from mid-January until May 1, enables you to list your name as you would like it to appear on your diploma. The default formula is first name, middle name, last name.
  • Once logged into Banner, select the Student Records menu and select the Application to Graduate menu item.

2. Register for Commencement by May 1 (Graduate School requirement)

  • Indicate whether you will participate in the May 24 Commencement Procession and Graduate School Ceremony.
  • Identify awards and honors you received while a graduate student at Brown, for possible inclusion in the Commencement program. Please do so regardless of whether you plan to attend the ceremony.
  • Check off that you want a record of your submission.

3. Rent or purchase academic regalia by May 1.
You must wear regalia appropriate for your degree to participate in the procession and ceremony. There are no exceptions to this rule. You can order your academic regalia online at the Brown Bookstore. Master’s candidates and PhD candidates need a gown, cap or tam, and a hood. Order early to avoid late fees. The Bookstore charges an additional shipping fee for rental orders placed after May 1.

4. Hold the date: Plan to attend rehearsal on Saturday, May 23. Additional details are forthcoming.

5. Pre-register with GradImages, our Commencement photographer, for the opportunity to order photos. Photo samples and ordering information will be mailed to you after the event. Search for Brown University on the Pre-Event Registration page.

6. Check the A-Z section for additional information. 

If you have questions regarding this year’s ceremony or our preparations, please contact Susan Ely at 401-863-9546.

Special Accommodations
Individuals with disabilities requesting accommodations during the weekend should contact the Office of University Events and Conference Services as far in advance of Commencement as possible at 401-863-3100 and complete the form requesting a parking permit for persons with special accessibility needs.