Awards & Honors

Horace Mann Medal
The Horace Mann Medal was established in 2003 on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Brown University Graduate School. The award is given annually to a Brown Graduate School alumnus or alumna who has made significant contributions in his or her field, inside or outside of academia. The medal replaces the Distinguished Graduate School Alumni Award, and, since 2008, is awarded at the University’s Commencement exercises in May. Any graduate of a Brown advanced-degree program is eligible.

2014 Medalist
John H. Ewing '71 Ph.D.

Joukowsky Dissertation Award
The Joukowsky Family Foundation Outstanding Dissertation Award is an annual prize awarded by the Graduate School for superior achievements in research by students who are completing their Ph.D.s. Supported through the generosity of the Joukowsky Family Foundation, the awards are usually given to four students per year, one from each of the four main areas: the humanities, the life sciences, the physical sciences, and the social sciences. The award and an honorarium are given out at the Graduate School Commencement ceremony.

2014 Award Winners 

  • Jeffrey W. Miller ‘14 Ph.D.
    Nonparametric and Variable-Dimension Bayesian Mixture Models: Analysis, Comparison, and New Methods
  • Nicolas P. Bommarito ‘14 Ph.D.
    Inner Virtue
  • Marcela Margaret Louise Soruco ‘14 Ph.D.
    The CLAMP Protein Is Essential in Drosophila in Mediating Dosage Compensation Through Increased Targeting to the X-Chromosome and During Development as a Non-Sex Specific Transcription Factor
  • Sean M. Dinces ’14 Ph.D.
    Bulls Markets: Power, Place, and Professional Sport in Late Twentieth-Century Chicago

Presidential Award for Excellence in Teaching
The Presidential Award for Excellence in Teaching is an annual prize awarded by the Graduate School to recognize outstanding pedagogical achievement by a Brown University graduate student. The award and an honorarium are given out at the University Awards ceremony, which is held in early May.

2014 Award Winners

 Angela S. Allan, English
Michael Powers, German Studies

Graduate School Faculty Award for Advising and Mentoring
Created by the Graduate Council in 2010, the Graduate School Faculty Award for Advising and Mentoring recognizes a faculty member who has made a significant contribution as an advisor or mentor to graduate students. Any Brown faculty member who has served as graduate advisor, trainer, or dissertation chair, unofficial or official mentor is eligible for nomination. The recipient is honored at the annual University Awards Ceremony. The award is announced at Commencement.

2014 Award Winner
Paja Faudree
, Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Wilson-DeBlois Award
The Brown University Graduate Student Council confers the Wilson-DeBlois Award annually to an individual who has made outstanding contributions to graduate students and the Graduate School. The Wilson-DeBlois Award is named in honor of George Grafton Wilson and Austen K. DeBlois, recipients of Brown’s first Doctor of Philosophy degrees in 1889. The award is given annually on behalf of all Brown graduate students to express their appreciation for the recipient’s dedication and commitment to graduate students at the University.

2014 Award Winners
Brian Walton,
Associate Dean for Administration and Program Development, Graduate School
Gail Lee, Payroll Specialist, Graduate School