Graduate Student Schedule

Friday, May 22

Campus Dance, sponsored by the Brown Alumni Association.
9:00 pm - 1:00 am
The College Green

Saturday, May 23

Horace Mann Medalist Commencement Forum
Metcalf Research Laboratory, Friedman Auditorium, Room 101, 190 Thayer St.
11:00 am

Lynn Rothschild ’85 PhD, senior scientist, NASA Ames Research Center, 2015 Horace Mann Medalist

The Search for Life in the Universe
Are we truly “alone”? We have come to realize that where there is liquid water on Earth, there is life. Because of this, each report of liquid water existing in the solar system has reverberated through the international press and excited the imagination of humankind. Dr. Lynn Rothschild, an evolutionary biologist known for her work on life in extreme environments and a founder of the field of astrobiology, tells us about intriguing new data. Rothschild will discuss how using an experimental approach with synthetic biology coupled with new information about how microbes survive in space, the transfer of life between celestial bodies, and the prevalence of potential abodes for life in our solar system and beyond suggest that life could be more common than previously thought.

Graduate School Ceremony Rehearsal & Diploma Check-In
All advanced-degree recipients are required to attend a walk-through of Commencement. Please check in at the registration table designated for your degree. Stay for the Dean's briefing and the reception that follows.
Simmons Quadrangle
2:30 pm

Sunday, May 24

Commencement Procession Formation (eligible candidates only) – 9:00 am
Academic regalia is REQUIRED to participate in the Procession and the Graduate School Ceremony

Find your degree sign by 9:00 am in the Graduate School lineup area on Waterman St. between Brown and Thayer Streets. Please check in with the organizer for your degree. Students line up alphabetically by degree and process to the ceremony in this order. You must check in to process and participate in the Ceremony.

Graduate School Ceremony (conferring of degrees)
Simmons Quad
10:15 am

University Ceremony – graduate students have a reserved section
The College Green
1:00 pm

Departmental Ceremonies
Ceremonies happen at various locations across campus. Undergraduates receive their diplomas at these ceremonies. Some ceremonies include graduate students. Please check with your department.
2:15  pm

Storm Plan: The Commencement procession will be cancelled only in the event of severe storm conditions. If the storm plan is enacted, it will be announced on the Brown University home page, a message will be left at (401) 863-2474, and a text sent to students’ cell phones. Under the storm plan, PhD candidates should report directly to the ground level of Lyman Hall and master's recipients should report to the basement of the Metcalf building by 9 a.m. to line up for the procession to the Graduate School ceremony on Simmons Quadrangle.The ceremony may be viewed by webstreaming, as well. It is scheduled to begin at 10:15 am.

All times are approximate.