American Studies at Brown

As one of the oldest departments of American Studies, Brown’s program has an almost seventy year history of activist teaching faculty fully engaged in research; prize-winning and productive graduate students who now teach their own students around the world and contribute to a wide variety of public programs; and curious and exciting undergraduates who use their educations in a wide range of fields from medicine to law; from social work to library science. Brown’s American Studies Department is marked by continuing interests in public humanities and public policy, digital scholarship, the study of race and ethnicity, popular culture, and new avenues in transnational research, exploring the role of the United States in the world and the importance of the world in the United States.

We have 16 core faculty members who teach 20 junior and senior concentrators; 9 MA in American Studies for International students; and 40 PhDs.  Our faculty also work with Ethnic Studies concentrators (about 15) and the twenty MA in Public Humanities students.  For more information about our undergraduate and graduate programs, please see the following pages:

        Undergraduate Concentration, American Studies

        MA in American Studies for International Students

        PhD in American Studies

The Department of American Studies at Brown remains committed to the interdisciplinary study of the American experience, drawing on a range of methodologies and practices to understand American society and cultures.  

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