Requirements for the American Studies Concentration

Students wishing to fulfill requirements for the American Studies concentration must complete the following work:

Ten courses above the 1000-level. American Studies courses will engage students in a range of different kinds of writing, from conventional research papers and analytical essays to writing for the public in the form of editorials, web sites, and exhibits.

choosing courses to fulfill the ten-course requirement, concentrators must include three of the four themes and three of the four approaches. There will be a variety of ways these requirements can be configured since any one course is likely to be include in more than one of those categories. See tagged listing of courses.

courses in the concentration must be linked to an individual Focus.

Four of the ten courses must be seminars:

  • The Senior Seminar is any AMST1900 taken in the senior year.
  • The other two may be AMST 1900s or upper-level seminars outside the department that fulfill focus requirements.

The Senior Capstone ePortfolio is an ungraded requirement.

Courses are chosen in consultation with the Concentration Advisor.

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Requirements for class of 2012 and prior