Graduate Students

M.A. Students in American Studies:

Nicole Meehan
Kangzhi Chen
Caroline Iwarsson
Bo Sun
Kazuha Saito
Yi-Hung Liu
Yang Zheng
Adeline Broussan
Yuanyuan Dai 

M.A. Students in Public Humanities:

First Year:

Elizabeth Crawford
Katherine Diedrick
Amelia Grabowski
Jazzmen Johnson
Molly Kerker
Sophia LaCava-Bohanan
Laura Mitchell
Jessica Palinski
Sage Snider
Rebecca Soules

Second Year:

Lauren Abman
Lily Benedict
Hillary Brady
Victoria Charette
Elon Cook
Keila Davis
Abigail Ettelman
Raina Fox
Paul Margrave
Rachel Shipps
Nate Storring
Jamie Topper
May Wijaya 

Please check out the Public Humanities student profiles for more information on their current projects.

Ph.D Students in American Studies:

Alyssa Anderson
First Year Student 

Horace Ballard
Histories of race and romanticism; Nineteenth century American art; art in the African diaspora; Beat Generation

Kevin Barry (on leave)
Race, policing and incarceration; television/film studies; U.S. empire/war

Felicia Bevel
Race; memory; nationhood; late nineteenth/early twentieth century American history; visual and material culture; transnational studies; African American history; whiteness studies

Ashley Bowen-Murphy
History of public health; nineteenth century U.S. history and culture; public humanities; Civil War veterans

Sarah Brown
20th century American literature; neuroaesthetics; cognitive literary historicism; history of the science of emotions; digital humanities 

Liza Burbank
"Advertising Love: Personal Ads, Product Advertisements, and the Consumption of Romance"

Clarissa Ceglio
"A Cultural Arsenal for Democracy: The War Work of U.S. Museums, 1930-1955"

Thomas Chen
"Remaking Boston's Chinatown: Race, Place, and Community in the Postwar Metropolis"

Emily Contois
Food studies, public health, nutrition, popular culture studies, fat studies, gender studies, history of medicine, twentieth-century American history

Erin Curtis
"Cambodian Donut Shops and the Negotiation of Identity in Los Angeles"

Sean Dinces
"Bull Markets: Power, Place, and Professional Sport at the End of the Twentieth Century"

Pier Dominguez
"Soapy Subjects: Melodrama and Queer Racial Affect in Screen Cultures"

Kathrinne Duffy
Nineteenth century cultural history; material culture; history of museums; history of science 

Christopher Elias
"State Secrets: J. Edgar Hoover, Joseph McCarthy, Roy Cohn, and Masculine Political Identity in the Creation of the American National Security State" [working title] 

Suzanne Enzerink
Race construction; miscegenation; twentieth-century U.S. literature; popular culture studies; twentieth-century African American and Asian American history; performance studies

Samuel Franklin
Twentieth-century cultural and intellectual history; the built environment; cultural institutions; heritage and memory

Brent Fujioka
"Four-Color Creatures: Monstrosity in American Comic Books and Japanese Manga, 1938-Present."

Elena Gonzales (on leave)
"Resonance and Wonder: Museums Working for Social Justice"

Maria Hwang
Migration and sex work; U.S. empire and militarization; gender and feminist theories; sex and sexuality studies

Wen Jin (on leave)
American empire; Asian American studies; American cultural history

Amy Johnson (on leave)
"Brokering Cultures, Brokering Race: Charley Ah Him, Chinatown, and the Construction of Los Angeles"

Majida Kargbo
Gender and sexuality; queer theory; performance studies; phenomenology; visual culture; fat studies

Cristina Kim (on leave)
Second Year Student

Heather Lee
"Consuming Labor: Migration and Mobility of Chinese Restaurant Workers in New York City, 1893-1949"

Sara Matthiesen
Politics of the body; political activism; gender and sexuality; feminisms; gender violence

Crystal Ngo
Museums; material culture; visual culture; the Vietnam War; forced migration

Chung Hong Nguyen (on leave)
"Vietnam War/American War: Memory and the Construction of History in The U.S. and Vietnam"

Ronaldo Noche
Asian American Studies; foodways; race and empire

Daniel Platt
Modern U.S. culture and politics; history of capitalism; liberalism and neoliberalism; social thought

Annette Rodriguez
"The Lynching of Mexicans in the United States: Making Visible U.S. Terrorscapes"

Elizabeth Rule
Critical Native American Studies; expressive culture; colonialism and decolonization; Critical Race Theory; race construction; twentieth-century U.S. nationalisms; gender and sexuality 

Pia Sahni
Cultural Studies; Asian American literature and representation; feminist theory

Micah Salkind
"Do You Remember House? Technology, Mediation and The Erasing of Black Musical Community, 1975-1996"

Robyn Schroeder
"Federal Selves: Memory & The Constitution, 1820-2010""

Colleen Tripp
"Pacific Sensations: The Making of an American West and Pacific Orientalism in U.S. Print Culture"

Miel Wilson
"At the Root(s): Genealogy and Slavery from Alex Haley's Roots to Finding Oprah's Roots"

Elizabeth Wolfson
Transnational U.S. culture and history; U.S./Turkey relations; visual culture; history of photography; women's history

Sarah Yahm
Twentieth century social and cultural history; ethnographic methods and multimedia; public space; participatory curatorial practice