Courses for Summer 2015

  • Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

    This course provides an introduction to cultural anthropology, surveying its defining questions, methods, and findings. We will examine the history and utility of anthropology's hallmark method, ethnography, the long-term immersion of the researcher in the culture under study. We will compare cultural anthropology's findings and comportment in other cultures to its conclusions and conduct in our own. No prerequisites. WRIT DPLL LILE
    ANTH 0100 S01
    Primary Instructor
  • The Anthropology of Violence

    What does it mean to "do" or to "commit" violence? How do we recognize it when it is so ubiquitous? Be it through war, ethnic cleansing, social conflict, revolution, or various forms of interaction, the topic of violence has figured prominently in anthropological scholarship as well as social thought throughout history. This course will explore major theories of violence through engagement with social theory, ethnography, and media. We will use a range of perspectives including biopolitics, feminist critique, and queer theory, and host of examples ranging from communal violence to warfare to sexual violence to explore violence in-depth. WRIT
    ANTH 1554 S01
    Primary Instructor
  • Reading and Research

    Section numbers vary by instructor. Please check Banner for the correct section number and CRN to use when registering for this course.
    ANTH 2980 S01
    Primary Instructor
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    I: Independent Study/Research