Graduate Students


Alcover, Omar
Maya, architecture, public space

Avera, Emily
Organ trafficking, human trafficking, global health, HIV/AIDS

Berhane, Fiori
Development, refugees, national, Eritrea 

Buswala, Bhawani
Social inequality, discrimination, language and power, South Asia

Button Kambic, Emily
American historical archaeology; maritime societies; labor, race, and gender; material culture; public history and museums 

Cormier McSwiggin, Chelsea
migration/transnationalism studies, Haitian Diaspora, kinship studies

Deal, Lauren E.
Linguistic Anthropology, Argentina and the Andes, Latin America, Social movements, Ethnomusicology, Performance and Performativity, Poetics

de Carteret, Alyce
Mesoamerican archaeology; the Classic Maya; household archaeology; El Zotz, Guatemala

Dewan, Eve
Historical archaeology, colonialism, frontiers, US 

Dias, Paula
Development, energy industries (especially oil), environmental politics, citizenship, identity, race/ethnicity, Brazil, Latin America.

Firoz, Malay
Humanitarianism, refugees, war, sovereignty, global governance, empire, political theory, Middle East

Flores, Andrea
United States; education, migration, and citizenship; new digital media and popular culture; adolescents

Hansen, Magnus Pharao
Language, indigeneity, education, nationalism, Mexico

Hefny, Sara
Middle East, migration, Europe, immigrants and refugees, memory and identity, food and foodways, gastronomic identity, cultural heritage, integration and assimilation

Horton, Brian A.
Queer theory, subaltern studies, desire, affect, modern South Asia

Jones, Alexander
Pentecostalism; Anthropology of Christianity, Africa; History of social theory; Political theology; Continental philosophy; Political economy; Millenarianism; Exchange; Contemporary religion; Secularism

Katzenstein, Jessica
Policing and security, militarization, Anthropology of the state, race, gender, technology

Kearin, Madeline
Historical archaeology, religion, identity, US

Jorge, Karen
Medical anthropology, transnational reproduction, science and technology studies, reproductive technologies, Panama

Larotonda, Alice
Medical Anthropology; Anthropology of Infants and Children; Child Health and Child Rearing; Reproduction, Parenting and Parenthood; Anthropology of and in the Clinical Setting; Global Health; Cape Verde

Lewis, Kimberly
Higher education policy and reform; political anthropology; indigenous students; Ecuador.

MacLeod, Josh P.
Latin America; Guatemala; Human Rights, with a focus on Indigenous Rights; Natural Resources and Social Movements; International jurisprudence and how national and local actors are working to enforce these international conventions.

Marsh, Katharine
Christianity, Migration, Kinship

McKelvey, Patrick
Performance studies; medical anthropology; anthropology of disability; anthropology of work; affective labor; neoliberal critique

Mesola, Maya
African Studies, gender, reproduction

Moorefield, Bryan
Americas; Mexico and southern United States; "Guestworkers” and farmworkers; transnational labor, migration, and kinship

Nelson, Jessica
Historical archaeology, New Netherland, New York

Newman, Sarah
Mesoamerican Archaeology; the ancient Maya; Terminal Classic (ca. A.D. 800-1050) transitions and transformations; royal courts and sociopolitical organization; household archaeology; osteoarchaeology; New World zooarchaeology; taphonomy; depositional/object histories; ritual practice; cultural conceptions, uses, and reuses of refuse

Parikh, Anar
Cultural heritage, urban anthropology, India/South Asia

Rafiq, Mohamed Yunus
Public health, medical anthropology, science and technology studies, anthropology of the state, anthropology of media

Savell, Stephanie
Brazil; United States; political anthropology; urban studies; security and policing; everyday violence; citizenship and rights; civic engagement

 Sheridan, Derek
Geopolitical imaginations, theories of value, economic anthropology, Africa-China Relations, Tanzania, Taiwan

Shim, Yoon Kyung
Indigenous archaeology, Asian-American archaeology, spaces of confinement, construction of historical narratives

Stainova, Yana
Ethics, Aesthetics, Violence, Venezuela, Latin America

Srinivasan, Rama
Legal Anthropology; Gender and Sexuality; Emotions; India 

Vares, Laura
Europe; Italy; ageing, anthropological demography; transnationalism and identity, migration, gender and family, eldercare

Wright, Andrea
migration, affective labor, gender, development, India

Miguel Aleman reservoir, with the Sierra Mazateca in the background, northern Oaxaca, Mexico, 2004Miguel Aleman reservoir, with the Sierra Mazateca in the background, northern Oaxaca, Mexico, 2004

American historical archaeology; maritime societies; labor, gender and household practice; material culture; public history and museums