Graduates of the Program

Graduates of Brown’s doctoral program in Anthropology are now in academic and professional positions in institutions across the world.  See below for a list of our students and their interests.

Nicholas P. Carter 

Ph.D. 2014: Kingship and Collapse: Inequality and Identity in the Terminal Classic Southern Maya Lowlands.

Kendra C. Fehrer

Ph.D. 2014: Generation Chavez: Participation and Citizenship in Post-Neoliberal Venezuela.

Andrea Maldonado

Ph.D. 2014: Yoga's Dis/Union: Class Relations, Social Mobility, and Self-Care in Mexico City.

Kristin J. Skrabut

Ph.D. 2014: Extreme Lives: The Unruly Domestication of Peruvian Poverty.

Stacey L. Vanderhurst 

Ph.D. 2014: Sheltered Lives: God, Sex, and Mobility in Nigeria's Counter-Trafficking Programs.

James Doyle

Ph.D. 2013: The First Maya “Collapse”: The End of the Preclassic Period at El Palmar, Petén, Guatemala.

Cassandra Mesick

Ph.D. 2012The Culture of Construction: Architectural Technology and Building Practices of the Classic Period Maya.

Michelle Charest

Ph.D. 2012Emerald Pub to Silver Saloon: Building an Irish Saloon Community in the American Mining West.

Leah Morine-Rosenmeier

Ph.D. 2011Towards an Archaeology of Descent: Spatial Practice and Communities of Shared Experience in Mi’kma’ki.

Christine Reiser-Robbins

Ph.D. 2010Rooted in Movement: Spatial Practices and Community Persistence in Native Southwestern New England.

Jennifer Trunzo

Ph.D. 2008Buying into It: Propaganda, Consumerism, and the American Revolution in Southeastern Connecticut.

Paul White

Ph.D. 2008Chuckwalla and the Belligerent Burro: Timbisha Shoshone, Miners, and the Footprints of Dispossession in the Panamints.