Upcoming Events 2014-2015

2014 Schedule of HIAA Roundtables, Lectures and Notable Events

 9/15              6:00 pm, Field Dirt at the Joukowsky Center,

Professors Sue Alcock, Sheila Bonde, John Cherry, Nancy Khalek, Felipe Rojas, and Peter van Dommelen will share the latest news from their archaeological fieldwork this summer in Jordan, France, Montserrat, Turkey, Mexico, and Italy.


9/18               (Thursday) Mini-Roundtable:  Present Yourself!  A     

Writing  your “elevator pitch,” short bio, personal  introduction for talks and conference schedules, and of course the department website!  With Courtney Martin and interested others.


9/19               (Friday) 2:00-5:30, The Colonial Archive,” Pembroke Center,
                                                                             305 Pembroke Hall

 Natalie Zemon Davis, Itohan Osayimwese, Anna Laura Stoler, Ruth Ben-Ghiat.


10/14              Roundtable:   Sheila Bonde, Dig This: A New Chapel at


10/16             Lyneise Williams (UNC, Chapel Hill), talk on Afro-Latino Visual

                        Culture, cosponsored with the History Department , more TBA


10/21             Paula Findlen (Stanford University), “Inventing Medieval  
                       Women:  History, Memory, and Forgery in Early Modern Italy,” 
                        5:30, Smith- Buoannno, 106
.  The History Department annual
                       Church Lecture. 


10/23             COLOR LECTURE:  Michael Taussig (Columbia University,
                        co-sponsored with Anthropology), "What's Magical About
                        ‘Magic Hour’ Now That The
World Is Dying?”  305 Pembroke
                        Hall  co-sponsored with Anthro, TAPS, and the Cogut Center,
                        and the Woods Fine Art Lecture Fund.

 10/24             (Friday) 12:00:  With a seminar for interested students
                         and faculty the following day at noon, October 24, in the
                         Anthropology Department.

 10/30             (Thursday) 12:00-1:00:  Anne Chen, presentation of current
                          work at the Joukowsky Center Brownbag series, RI Hall, rm.

 11/7-9            Conference on Lars van Trier at Media Studies/Cogut.

11/11             Thomas Elsaesser (film/architecture historian) lecture

11/12             Thomas Elsaesser seminar 

11/11                        Roundtable

 12/9                        Roundtable


 2/3                  Roundtable with James Elkins (School of the Art Institute of
                         Chicago), lunch seminar with interested graduate students and
                         faculty 12:00-1:30 [pre-circulated reading].  (He will also be
                         giving a public lecture sponsored by the Cogut Center that
                         evening, more info TBA)

 3/3                 Roundtable

 3/17               COLOR LECTURE:  Jacqueline Lichtenstein (Sorbonne),

                        co-sponsored with French Studies and the Pembroke Center. 
                        Seminar with the Pembroke Fellows and interested students
                        and faculty from HIAA on W, March 18, 10:00-1:00

  4/7                 Roundtable (Frick talk)


4/9                  (Thursday) HIAA Annual Anita Glass Lecture/COLOR
                         LECTURE:  Paul Hills (Courtauld Institute) 5:30 pm

4/10               Vivien Lovell (Modus Operandi), 10:00 RISD Museum,
                       cosponsored with Brown VA, RISD Museum, RISD, and the CAC

4/28               5:30, Evelyn Lincoln, a talk for Renaissance & Early Modern
                                  Studies at the Annmary Brown Memorial, 21 Brown Street

5/12               Roundtable