Upcoming Events 2014-2015

2014 Schedule of HIAA Roundtables, Lectures and Notable Events

 10/14              Roundtable:   Sheila Bonde, Dig This: A New Chapel at


10/16             Lyneise Williams (UNC, Chapel Hill), the glamorous one-two
                       punch:  celebrity, masculinity, & boxer, Alfonso Teofilo Brown in
                       early twentieth-century Paris  6:00pm List Art 110

10/21             Paula Findlen (Stanford University), “Inventing Medieval  
                       Women:  History, Memory, and Forgery in Early Modern Italy,” 
                        5:30, Smith- Buoannno, 106
.  The History Department annual
                       Church Lecture. 


10/23             COLOR LECTURE:  Michael Taussig (Columbia University,
                        co-sponsored with Anthropology), "What's Magical About
                        ‘Magic Hour’ Now That The
World Is Dying?” 
                        305 Pembroke Hall 
                        co-sponsored with Anthro, TAPS, The Cogut Center,
                        and the Woods Fine Art Lecture Fund.

 10/24             (Friday) 12:00:  With a seminar for interested students
                         and faculty the following day at noon, October 24, in the
                         Anthropology Department.

 10/30             (Thursday) 12:00-1:00:  Anne Chen, presentation of current
                          work at the Joukowsky Center Brownbag series, RI Hall, rm.


 11/7-9            Conference on Lars van Trier at Media Studies/Cogut.

11/11             Thomas Elsaesser (film/architecture historian) lecture

11/12             Thomas Elsaesser seminar 

11/11                        Roundtable

 12/9                        Roundtable


 2/3                  Roundtable with James Elkins (School of the Art Institute of
                         Chicago), lunch seminar with interested graduate students and
                         faculty 12:00-1:30 [pre-circulated reading].  (He will also be
                         giving a public lecture sponsored by the Cogut Center that
                         evening, more info TBA)

 3/3                 Roundtable

 3/17               COLOR LECTURE:  Jacqueline Lichtenstein (Sorbonne),

                        co-sponsored with French Studies and the Pembroke Center. 
                        Seminar with the Pembroke Fellows and interested students
                        and faculty from HIAA on W, March 18, 10:00-1:00

  4/7                 Roundtable (Frick talk)


4/9                  (Thursday) HIAA Annual Anita Glass Lecture/COLOR
                         LECTURE:  Paul Hills (Courtauld Institute) 5:30 pm

4/10               Vivien Lovell (Modus Operandi), 10:00 RISD Museum,
                       cosponsored with Brown VA, RISD Museum, RISD, and the CAC

4/28               5:30, Evelyn Lincoln, a talk for Renaissance & Early Modern
                                  Studies at the Annmary Brown Memorial, 21 Brown Street

5/12               Roundtable