Program preps 7 in IT, bioscience

By Lori Stabile 
PBN Web Editor

PROVIDENCE – Tech Collective, a bioscience and information technology industry association, announced the conclusion of its 2014 graduate fellowship program, noting five out of seven participants were hired by their host company.

(Distributed December 3, 2014)

A new way to extract bone-making cells from fat tissue

A colorful expression:

(Distributed October 7, 2014)

A ‘Clear’ choice for clearing 3-D cell cultures

A ‘Clear’ solution:

Scientists have hailed recent demonstrations of chemical technologies for making animal tissues see-through, but a new study is the first to evaluate three such technologies side-by-side for use with engineered 3-D tissue cultures.

(Distributed September 5, 2014)

Fall 2014 Biomedical Engineering Seminar Series

*Unless Noted, Seminars are Thursday 9:00 AM in Barus & Holley Room 190

October 2 - Megan L. Frisk, Ph.D. 
Associate Editor
Science Translational Medicine (AAAS)

(Distributed September 4, 2014)
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