Graduate Program - Admission/Financial Aid

Deadlines for Application:

Ph.D. Program - January 4, 2016
Sc.M. Program - November 15, 2015 (Spring start), April 15, 2016 (Fall  start)
Fifth year master's (Brown undergrads only) - May 31, 2016 (fall 2016 start). 

Submit applications through Brown University's Graduate School -

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Financial aid:

Brown University's complete guidelines on financial aid can be found on the Graduate School's Financing & Support website. In brief:

The decision to pursue graduate study represents a significant commitment of time, energy, and resources — yours and ours. 

Students who are admitted to any of Brown's doctoral programs are guaranteed five years of support, including a stipend, tuition remission, health-services fee, and health-insurance subsidy.

Financial aid for master’s students is not centrally managed and varies among programs; the majority of students enrolled in master’s programs and engaged in non-degree study are self-supported.

Students’ official letters of admission provide details of their funding packages. All subsequent funding decisions are made at the program level and depend on students' academic progress.