Rhode Island Medical Series 200th Anniversary Lectures

The emerging and dynamic field of neuroscience is a multi-faceted area of study involving medical science, philosophy, economics, and behavioral health.

This major lecture series marking the Rhode Island Medical Society’s 200th Anniversary is being co-sponsored with the Brown Institute for Brain Science and the Norman Prince Neurosciences Institute at Rhode Island Hospital.

(Distributed October 16, 2012)

Donoghue elected to National Academies' Institute of Medicine

John P. Donoghue:

The Institute of Medicine, one of the National Academies of Science, announced today that John Donoghue, the Henry Merritt Wriston Professor of Neuroscience and Engineering, has been elected as a member. “I am honored to receive this high recognition and to become part of an organization so dedicated to advancing progress in science, medicine and health care,” said Donoghue, who joins four other Brown colleagues as active members of the IOM. Donoghue directs the Brown Institute for Brain Science.

(Distributed October 15, 2012)

Engineered flies spill secret of seizures

Robert Reenan:

Scientists have observed the neurological mechanism behind temperature-dependent — febrile — seizures by genetically engineering fruit flies to harbor a mutation analogous to one that causes epileptic seizures in people.

(Distributed October 11, 2012)
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