Pilot Research Awards Announced

Five interdisciplinary research teams have received Pilot Research Awards from the Brown Institute for Brain Science starting May 1, 2013. This program provides up to $30,000 per award for one year to support risky, innovative projects in interdisciplinary brain science.  Program funding comes from the David Mahoney Flexible Research Fund and the Suna Kiraç Fund for Brain Science.

The recipients of the Pilot Research Awards for 2013-14 are:

(Distributed July 1, 2013)

BIBS-NPNI New Frontiers Awards Announced

Five interdisciplinary teams have received New Frontiers Awards from the Brown Institute for Brain Science and the Norman Prince Neurosciences Institute.  The awards, which begin July 1, 2013, pair a campus-based scientist with a hospital-based clinician-scientist.  The New Frontiers Program, now in it’s second round of funding, enables research teams to collect pilot data for applications for extramural funding.

(Distributed July 1, 2013)
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