Opportunities for Undergraduates

There are a number of undergraduate research, internship, and scholarship opportunities shared with the department. This page will be updated whenever new opportunities arise.
Check often for updates. New postings are also sent to the undergraduate concentrator listserv.

USC: Cradle to the Grave – CO2 Opportunities and Challenges
The Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of South Carolina is pleased to announce their  NSF Summer Research Experience for Undergraduates Program for 2015! Students will perform research involving the study of nanostructured materials, heterogeneous catalysis, spectroscopy, reaction engineering, electrochemistry, and molecular simulation to advance the understanding of processes and materials that underpin combustion, CO2 capture and storage, and the chemical conversion of CO2 to fuels and chemicals.  Read more and apply. Application deadline: March 13, 2015. 

NSF REU Site for Interdisciplinary Materials Research at Souther Illinois University at Carbondale
Our program will begin June 8, 2015 and will commence for 9 weeks.  Participating students will work with mentors from the Departments of Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, or Microbiology to perform materials research (broadly defined)—with emphases in nanoscience/nanotechnology, energy research, smart materials, biomaterials, materials characterization, computational modeling, friction/tribology, and materials fabrication among other subjects.  In this program, students will work on independent research projects and receive hands-on training in the use of state-of-the-art instrumentation and methods. Student benefits include a stipend of approximately $4500, $1,000 research expenditure allowance, free college housing, and a travel allowance to facilitate transportation from the student’s home institution or to conferences (up to $750). Read more and apply. See more sites for materials research funded by NSF. Application deadline: March 1, 2015.  

ACS Sponsored Nuclear & Radiochemistry Summer School
The program is seeking curious and highly motivated students with strong science backgrounds. If selected, these students receive an all-expense paid opportunity to complete a 6 week summer course in Nuclear and Radiochemistry in either California or New York. They also earn hours (tuition paid) of undergraduate chemistry credit through either San Jose State University or SUNY-Stony Brook.  Selected students also receive a stipend of $4,000.  Read more and apply.  Application deadline: March 13, 2015.

Univ. of New Mexico Undergraduate Pipeline Network
With the mission of preparing and recruiting the next generation of research scientists and clinicians, the program hopes to expose students to the breadth of opportunities that exist within the fields of biomedical and community-based research. The summer research experience will run from May 28 through August 6, 2015. UPN students receive an academic fellowship (stipend) of up to $5000 for the summer. Read more and apply. Application deadline: February 20, 2015.

University of Pittsburgh Summer Research Fellowship
The Department of Pharmacology and and Chemical Biology at the University of Pittsburgh invites your application to our Summer Undergraduate Research Program. Research fellows will perform guided, independent research, attend seminars, and present their data at a scientific forum. This program is an excellent opportunity for talented undergraduates considering a career in biomedical research. Read more and apply. Application Deadline: March 1, 2015. 

updated 2/25/15