Courses for Fall 2015

  • Introduction to Modern Greek

    Designed for students with little or no prior knowledge of Modern Greek. The aim is to introduce students to basic linguistic structures and develop the ability to comprehend and produce text, as well as to speak and understand speech, in a variety of contexts and registers. The course objectives are to enable students to perform a range of tasks, master a minimum core vocabulary and acquire knowledge and understanding of various forms of Greek culture.
    MGRK 0100 S01
    Primary Instructor
  • Intermediate Modern Greek

    Develops linguistic and cultural competence and may be taken by anyone who has completed MGRK 0200 or after consultation with the instructor and/or a placement exam. It focuses on further development of the four language skills as well as knowledge and understanding of various aspects of Greek society. It employs a variety of materials, including film, digital stories, internet based sources, music, art, and literature.
    MGRK 0300 S01
    Primary Instructor
  • Special Topics in Modern Greek

    No description available.
    MGRK 1910 S01
    Primary Instructor
    Schedule Code
    I: Independent Study/Research