Concentration Advising

An academic concentration is the focal point for a student's undergraduate experience at Brown. Concentrations aid intellectual development by encouraging conceptual and methodological study in a coherent and sustained manner. Such in-depth study allows students to gain command of an area of knowledge and a set of skills that equip them to engage in further study and meaningful professional pursuits.

Students must declare a concentration online using Advising Sidekick (ASK) no later than the middle of their fourth semester (usually spring semester of sophomore year). Students must have an approved concentration on file in order to pre-register for the 5th semester. Transfer students who enter Brown with 4th or 5th semester standing must declare a concentration in their first term at Brown. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that the concentration has been approved prior to the deadline. 

Most concentrations require students to meet with a concentration advisor prior to submitting the online declaration. The advisor may require revisions to the personal statement and course list before endorsing a student's plan. Once approved, the declaration functions as a contract, and the departmental concentration advisor becomes the student’s advisor of record.