Senior Capstone Projects

Some of the most satisfied graduates at Brown spend a portion of their senior year hard at work on an independent project of their own design. A senior capstone project has the potential to clarify one's relationship to a discipline, by solidifying old knowledge and opening new paths for the future.

A senior capstone experience can be any kind of project that draws on what you have learned in your concentration. It is usually completed in close consultation with an advisor. An honors thesis or independent study is one obvious type of capstone. A performance or art opening is another. And, depending on one's goals, a focused internship or other kind of educational work experience could be another, especially if carried out in consultation with a faculty mentor. We encourage all juniors to include such a project in their senior-year planning.

Brown offers several resources to help rising seniors think carefully about possible capstone projects. Faculty members and concentration advisors represent a deep pool of intellectual expertise and can help with the planning and execution. Dean Besenia Rodriguez, the Associate Dean for Upperclass Studies, is also available to discuss capstone endeavors or other issues pertaining to your final year at Brown.

Seniors who wish to share their capstone projects with the larger campus community should consider applying to the Theories in Action conference held each spring.