Current Independent Concentrators

Current Independent Concentrators at Brown

Check out the Independent Concentrations currently being pursued at Brown! The proposals for these ICs will not be available until these students graduate. To see IC proposals written by graduated ICers, visit the CRC IC Database.

Name Year Independent Concentration Title
Jonah Cader 2016 Computational Neuroscience
Bianca Camacho 2016 Educational Neuroscience
Lauren Galvan 2016 Mental Health and Healing
Meryl Kus 2016 Medical Anthropology
Liz Oakley 2016 Spatial Studies
Morgan Patrick 2016 Music Cognition
Kiera Peltz 2016 Happiness
Yan Jing Lloyd Soh 2016 Philosophy, Politics, and Economics
Alexx Temeña 2016 Contemplative Psychology
Frank Troncoso 2016 Philosophy, Politics, and the Law
Neha Verma 2016 War Psychology
Livia Whitermore 2016 Refugee and Migration Studies
Zoe Clark 2016 Logic and Natural Language
Sarah Grace 2016 Statistics
Marisa Millenson 2016 Statistics
Sarah Melton 2016 Power and Empowerment in Narratives
Sana Teramoto 2016 Educational Neuroscience
Bee Vang 2016 Geopolitical Epistemologies
Yukiko Watanabe 2016 Biostatistics
Pia Brar 2015.5 Social Movements and Activist Art
Adrienne Tran 2015.5 Computational Development
Woo-Hyun Byun 2016 Critical Humanities
Marion Wellington 2016 Music Cognition
Aanchal Saraf 2016 Geography
Penelope Kyritsis 2016 Postcolonial Legal Studies
Ofek Weitzman 2016 Renewable Energy
Katharina Windemuth 2016 Fashion Studies
Leah Pierson 2016 Human Rights
Miranda Olson 2016 Global Health Narrative
Morgan Cheatham 2017 Neuroeconomics
Victor Li 2017 Statistics
Jasmine Liu 2017 Environmental Politics and Economics
Brandon Dale 2017 Ethnopharmacognosy
Madeline Chin 2017 Medical Humanities
Neil Wathore 2017 Nutrition and Health
Masahiro Nakanishi 2017 Statistics
Sophia Dalal 2017 Persuasive Communication for Social Justice
Sarah Eltinge 2017 Statistics
Simon Jones 2016.5 New Technology in the Performing Arts
Anna Schwartz 2017 Music Cognition
Dolma Ombadykow 2017 Medical Humanities