Current Independent Concentrators

Current Independent Concentrators at Brown

Check out the Independent Concentrations currently being pursued at Brown! The proposals for these ICs will not be available until these students graduate. To see IC proposals written by graduated ICers, visit the CRC IC Database.

Name Year Independent Concentration Title
Nikhil Kalyanpur 2013.5 Philosophy, Politics, and Economics
Peter Aranha 2014 Political Economy of the Environment
Jacob Buckley 2014 Bioethics
Houston Davidson 2014 Applied Political Theory
Lisa Goddard 2014 Language and Social Behavior
Eric Heimark 2014 Political Economy and Technology
Christina Johnston 2014 Aesthetics
Emily Kassie 2014 Politics and Film Journalism
Hyunkyu Kim 2014 Philosophy, Politics, and Economics
Junkyung Kim 2014 Intelligent Systems
Valerie Langberg 2014 Statistics
Luke Lattanzi-Silveus 2014 Philosophy, Politics, and Economics
Alexandria Macmadu 2014 Ethics
Hanna McPhee 2014 Biologically Inspired Design
Christine Pappas 2014 Narrative Studies
Alice Preminger 2014 Narratology
Adrienne Tran 2014 Computer Science for Development
Victoria (Tori) Wilson 2014 Deaf and Disability Studies
Jay Xu 2014 Statistics
Ivan Yanev 2014 Critical Theory and Continental Thought
Brett Anders 2015 Social Innovation
Rebecca Carrol 2015 Human Evolutionary Biology and Behavior
Ana Gonzalez 2015 Jazz Studies
Amelia Grant-Alfieri 2015 Visual Perception and Art
Sam Kase 2015 Medical Humanities
Zein Khleif 2015 Political Psychology
Juan Santoyo 2015 Contemplative Cognition
Mina Shakarshy 2015 Art and Visual Perception
Daniel Sobor 2015 Cognitive Aesthetics
Alexandra Urban 2015 Educational Neuroscience
Thaya Uthayophas 2015 Philosophy, Politics, and Economics
Chloe Zimmerman 2015 Contemplative Psychosomatic Medicine
Sophia Renda 2016 Postcolonial Studies