MAPS Panels

About MAPS Panels

MAPS mentors organize and host panels throughout the year that are open to all students. Panel topics include cultivating relationships with professors, pursuing research, and exploring study away opportunities. Depending on the topic, professors, students, deans, or other guests will be invited to sit on the panel and answer questions from the moderator and audience. 

MAPS mentees are required to attend at least two panels during the year. MAPS Panels are open for any member of the Brown community to attend. 

See Program Schedule for specific dates and times of panels. All Fall 2012 panels have concluded. 

2012 Fall Semester Panels

1. Demystifying the ProfessorHear from Brown faculty and MAPS mentors about how to communicate effectively with professors, establish positive and meaningful relationships with professors, ask for recommendations, and deal with missed assignments and getting help.

2. Research and Internships..and Fellowships!: Learn how to take advantage of the numerous research and fellowship opportunities at Brown. Hear about how to get involved in research with Brown faculty as well as opportunities outside Brown. Also learn how to find a summer internship and how to think about life after Brown.

2013 Spring Semester Panels

1. Study Abroad!: Hear from mentors who studied abroad in the exciting countries of the world! Learn about Brown approved programs as well as petitioned programs. What does a homestay look like?  How many years of a language do I need to take to study abroad in certain countries? Which semester should I go? Get answers to these questions and more! 

2. Concentration Declaration: Meet and greet! Meet mentors and faculty members from various concentrations and get all of your specific questions about the department and the concentration answered. Learn from mentors about how they chose to concentrate or double concentrate in their respective disciplines. Ask all of your burning questions."