Meet the CRCers

Peggy Chang, Director & Assistant Dean of the College for Engaged Learning

Office Hours: by appointment (summer)

At the CRC Peggy works with the CRC student staffers and various deans, faculty members, departments on the center's ten academic and peer-advising programs. She also supports the undergraduate advising services offered by the Dean of the College office, and specializes in supporting student transitions from sophomore to upper class studies and co-curricular pursuits. In 2014-2015, she begins offering advising support for students exploring the new Engaged Scholars Program, an initiative of Brown's strategic plan, "Building on Distinction."

She has facilitated discussions and workshops about academic success, activism and leadership, and public interest / nonprofit careers. She is a co-author of Providence's Benefit Street (Arcadia Publishers, June 2013) and a recipient of the Association of American Colleges & Universities / Bridging Theory to Practice seminar grant.

Prior to this, for twelve years she was the Executive Director of the Venture Consortium, a group of colleges committed to offering programs for students and resources for consortium faculty and staff about experiential learning for social responsibility. She started her career in higher education as Coordinator of Brown's then named Resource Center from 1994-1996. She graduated from Brown with an A.B. in American civilization in 1993 and completed her masters degree in Public Humanities (at Brown) in 2013. 

Originally from Long Island, New York, she lives in Warwick, RI with her husband and two sons.

Jessica Brodsky '14, (past) Digital Archives and Media Co-Coordinator

Jessica is a senior from Boston, Massachusetts. She is interested in science communication through digital media and loves to make connections between the arts, sciences, and technology. Jessica oversees the CRC website and the GISP, ISP, IC, and AI archives. She is in the midst of digitizing over 20 years worth of applications. Email Jessica or come by the office to chat about the CRC website, web design, science communication, digital media, or anything else!

Wayne Woo-Hyun Byun '16, (incoming) Independent Studies Co-Coordinator
Wayne is from Seoul, South Korea. He is interested in exploring the intersection between philosophy and history and also helps out with the gap year community.
Benjamin Chesler '15, Leavetaking Co-Coordinator

Office Hours: 

Ben is a young social entrepreneur who believes in the power of dedicated people to change the world. On campus, he has been involved in a host of social ventures, including the Food Recovery Network and the Social Action House.  He’s passionate about ideas that change the world for the better.  When he’s not working on a social venture, you can probably find Ben hanging lights in a theater, or off in the woods somewhere hiking and reconnecting with nature.  He also enjoys taking leave and pretending he’s a real person.  In his spare time, Ben is a junior concentrating in Economics (and possibly Social Innovation as well).

Anamta Farook '14, (past) Independent Studies Co-Coordinator

Anamta Farook is a senior from the strange city of Dubai. She is an Education Studies concentrator who is also unofficially concentrating in Computer Science, having spent way too much of her time at Brown at the CIT. She transferred to Brown in Spring 2012, precisely because of the open curriculum and now wants to spread the joy of liberal learning as the Independent Studies co-coordinator! She's super happy to talk to you about all sorts of independent studies or your academic experiences, in general, and share with you why she thinks an independent study is an indispensable part of every Brunonian's undergraduate study. When she's not at the CRC (or the CIT), she can be found dancing to Bollywood music or eating yummy food! 

Amelia Grant-Alfieri '15, Careers in the Common Good (CCG) Coordinator & Independent Concentrations Co-Coordinator

Amelia is a senior from Miami, Florida. She combined her interests in visual art, neuroscience, psychology and biology to create an IC titled “Visual Perception and Art.” Passionate about art and education, she volunteered with CityArts Providence teaching art at a local middle school. At Brown, she has been both BOLTer and BOLT leader, recently taking a group of sophomore students into New Hampshire’s White Mountains. She currently plays on the women’s club ultimate frisbee team, having also played on the club soccer team. At the CRC, she helps coordinate Careers in the Common Good – CCG NYC and Impact Providence. Come by to learn about community-based non-profit and start-up internships available to you!!

Marguerite Joutz '15, Brown Conversation Liaison

Marguerite Joutz is from Kensington, Maryland. After a lot of soul searching, she decided to concentrate in Economics. She is particularly interested in the role of philanthropy in society and wants to learn how to make effective decisions, especially within the context of higher education. Marguerite co-founded the Re-Orientation program in fall 2012 and also serves as the lead facilitator of the Brown Conversation. She is incredibly grateful for the CRC's support in both of these endeavors and can't stress enough how important community is at Brown. Marguerite is most likely to be found in Faunce and/or the Bookstore Blue State; feel free to say hi!

Brian Kundinger '14, (past) DUGs & Theories in Action Conference

Brian Kundinger is a senior from Pasadena, CA studying Africana Studies and History. His passion for social justice education has fueled his work as a past coordinator of the 2012 Third World Transition Program and his current work as a Writing Fellow. At the CRC, he is continuing this work by coordinating the DUGs and the Theories in Action Conference.

Stephanie Medina '14, (past) Fellowships Internships Research experiences (FIRe) 

Stephanie Medina is a senior from Los Angeles, California. She is a double concentrator in History and Africana Studies. During her time at Brown, she has been involved in labor and community organizing through the Brown Student Labor Alliance and in the Los Angeles area. Stephanie has been able to maneuver her way through Brown resources and wants to share her experiences and help find your path at Brown as the Fellowships Internships Research experiences (FIRe) advisor.

Ria Mirchandani '15, Independent Studies Co-Coordinator

Office Hours: 

Ria Mirchandani is from Mumbai, India, who came to Brown absolutely clueless about the one thing she wanted to major in. She is still clueless about that one thing, because she now wants to major in everything. Alas, she finally settled on Computer Science and potentially an Independent Concentration in Politics, Philosophy and History. Ria probably holds the record for the most classes shopped (~46 a semester) and longest time spent under a beret (9 years and counting). The only thing she likes more than the idea of Independent Studies is hot chocolate and would gladly talk to you at length about both.

Ricardo Mullings '15, Leavetaking Co-Coordinator

Office Hours: 

Ricardo Mullings is a senior from Brooklyn, New York studying Mechanical Engineering. He took a medical leave in Fall 2012 and spent that time at home recovering for a healthy return in Spring 2013. As a Co- Leaving Coordinator/Peer Advisor, he hopes to help peers who are going on/returning from leave.

Darcy Pinkerton '14, (past) DUGs & Theories in Action Conference 

Darcy is a senior from a little place called York, Pennsylvania, but Brown is her home. Darcy concentrates in Africana Studies and Gender & Sexuality Studies, and her passion for social and political justice has led her to take courses in Urban Studies, Public Policy, and Ethnic Studies, too.  At the CRC, Darcy coordinates DUG activities and the Theories in Action conference. When she's not engaged in coursework or at the CRC, Darcy facilitates FemSex (a peer-led sexual education workshop), works for the Brown Annual Fund, serves as secretary of the Queer Alliance, and gives tours with the Bruin Club.  Come talk with her about DUGS, politics, culture, revolution/rebellion/resistance, your concentration choice, or the Theories in Action Conference!

Alice Preminger '14, (past) Independent Concentrations Co-Coordinator

Alice Preminger is a senior from Fairfield, CT. She is doing an Independent Concentration in Narratology, or the study of narratives, and can't wait to talk to other students about creating their own Independent Concentrations as one of the IC coordinators this year.  Alice transferred to Brown in the Spring of 2012, and can't even imagine a time Brown wasn't home. Email or come talk to her at any time; she loves meeting new people and wants to learn about what you want to do at Brown! 

Julianna Rodriguez '14, (past) Matched Advising Program for Sophomores (MAPS)

Julie Rodriguez is a senior from New York, though these days College Hill is where she calls home.  An environmental studies concentrator, Julie is especially interested in sustainable agriculture and food literacy, both of which she's been able to pursue on campus as a coordinator for the Brown Market Shares Program. Julie became involved in the CRC as a volunteer and then as a mentor in the Matched Advising Program for Sophomores (MAPS); this year she's excited to be co-coordinating MAPS! When she isn't raving about produce or sophomore advising, Julie can be found biking from her house to Faunce and back, practicing yoga, or sleeping. 

Elizabeth Ruben '15, Gap Year Community Organizer

Elizabeth is a senior from Wallingford, Connecticut concentrating in English literature. She took a gap year between high school and Brown during which she spent time abroad studying in Barcelona and time at home volunteering as a squash coach and tutor for an after-school enrichment program for students in New Haven, CT. In addition to volunteering at the CRC as a Gap Year Coordinator, Elizabeth enjoys learning about, talking about, and obsessing over sharks. She is also a member of Alpha Chi Omega sorority. Elizabeth is excited to be a part of the growing gap year student community here at Brown and she loves hearing what students did during their gap years, so feel free to send her an email and say hi!

Anna Stacy '17, Digital Media and Archives Co-Coordinator

Office Hours: 

Anna Stacy is a sophomore from Bayville, New York, though she spent the last three years of high school in Andover, Massachusetts. Because she's interested in learning about how people work, she is considering pursuing a concentration in neuroscience, anthropology, and genomics, or a combination of the three (though she is glad she has some time before she has to make a decision!). Outside of the classroom and the lab, she enjoys theatre from both the stage and the tech booth, as well as playing music and jamming with her friends. 

Alexandra D. Urban '15, Independent Concentrations Co-Coordinator

Office Hours: 

Alexandra is excited to be studying Educational Neuroscience, an Independent Concentration that applies how we learn biologically to improve teaching methods. She enjoys friends, travel and adventures - ask about her Brown International Scholars Program research in New Zealand this past summer!  Alexandra also spends her time as a member of a co-ed literary fraternity on campus, a participant in the new initiative on healthy early childhood development known as TRI-Lab and a photographer for the BDH. Drop by her open hours so she can help you design your very own IC!

Neel Yalamarthy '15, Matched Advising Program for Sophomores (MAPS)

Office Hours: 

Neel is a senior hailing from the beautiful state of Michigan. He is concentrating in Political Science, but has a wide variety of interests, both inside and outside of the classroom. At Brown, Neel is the Managing Director of Brown Motion Pictures and advises as a Community Assistant for the Office of Residential Life. Neel once spent a week living in a hut deep inside Brazil's Amazon Rainforest, but most recently spent his summer working on a sports documentary based out of Brooklyn, NY. Neel will be co-coordinating the MAPS program this year, so stop by to talk about sophomore advising or anything else!

Stay tuned for the bios of our incoming 2014-2015 coordinators:

Indy Studies:  Wayne Byun '16 (with Ria)
Indy Concentrations:  Lauren Galvan '16 (with Alexandra/Amelia job sharing)
MAPS:  Chinezi Ihenatu '15 (with Neel)
FIRE:  Camisia Glasgow '15
DUGs / TiA:  Manuel Contreras '16 & Sophia Dalce '15
Leavetaking:  Lianne Blinn '15 (with Ben & Ricardo)
Brown Alliance of Leave-taking Mentors (BALM):  Zoe McWatters '16