***NOTE: This section will be updated during the second week of class in Fall 2014 as the current information is necessary to the students and alumni who applied in summer 2014.


If you have previously applied to medical school or other health profession training programs using Brown's committee letter or credential service and wish to apply again, you will first need to arrange an appointment to meet with Dean Vassilev in person or to talk with him on the phone. Because medical school admission is highly competitive, your choice to re-apply should only come after careful consideration of the factors which did not enable you to gain admission during your first application.

Re-applicants are expected to demonstrate how they have bolstered their candidacy by engaging with clinical, research, academic, professional or volunteer activities relevant to the study of health and medicine. Some schools will only accept one re-application as an indication of the importance of strategic thinking, careful consideration of options and heeding important advice. Re-applicants will not interview with a member of the Health Careers Advisory Committee again. We urge you not to re-apply in the cycle immediately following your first application to allow the time to reflect on your options and further develop your application portfolio.

The Health Careers Advisory Committee will not transmit materials for your re-application automatically and it is essential that you work close with Health Careers Advising if you wish to receive the Committee letter for a second application. Re-applicants will be asked to submit one copy of the specially-designed Re-applicant HCAD 2015 which focuses on the ways in which they have strengthened their candidacy. Submit your Re-applicant HCAD to our office by June 6 2014. All of your materials must be submitted to our office by July 4 2014

In addition to discussing your preparation with Dean Vassilev, you will need to:

  • Meet all Health Careers Advising deadlines
  • Submit a Re-applicant Health Careers Advising Dossier (HCAD) on time. The re-applicant HCAD describes new substantive experience, coursework, MCAT or other standardized test scores as applicable. The first half of the Re-Applicannt HCAD 2015 invites you to reflect on your experience since your previous applicatoin(s). The second half enables you to integrate these reflections into a new personal statement and list of activities for your re-application. You may download the Re-Applicant HCAD from our web site here.
  • Send a  formal photo of yourself (E-mail jpeg with your name as the title to
  • Provide new letter(s) of recommendation (if any) accompanied by a new List of Recommenders and Waiver Form (Form 2) for all health professions, or List of Recommenders and Waiver Form: MD-PhD (Form 3) for MD/PhD re-applicants. If you provide additional letters of recommendation we will ask you to indicate which previous letter(s) should be retired. You can submit 1 more letter than the 4-letter (5-letter for MD/PhD candidates) limit as a re-applicant.
  • Provide a Summer Update Form (Form 5) if anything changes after you submit your Re-Applicant HCAD.

Upon completion of your AMCAS or other application service, please submit the following:

  • A processed hard copy of your AMCAS application (or other common application), with the processing date clearly noted. Do not submit your hard copy to our office until your application has been processed.
  • For those applying through AMCAS, the AMCAS Letter Request Form. The form can be found in the Letter of Recommendation Section in AMCAS.
  • Fee of $50
  • Letter Mailing Form (Form 4)- hand-written or electronically saved and transmitted via E-mal. No faxes.

The packet sent out on behalf of re-applicants includes any previous committee letter(s) and supporting letters, as well as new supporting letters. The cover letter for this packet updates your previous committee letter(s) by highlighting the ways in which you have strengthened your candidacy for admission.

NOTE: Re-applicants who have been away from Brown for three years or more are not eligible for the committee letter since much of their professional and/or academic experience supersedes their years at Brown University. Brown candidates for admission to medical or other health career schools are eligible for the Committee Letter a maximum of three times within three years of graduating from Brown University.