Departmental Undergraduate Groups (DUGs)

A DUG is a group of concentrators who meet and plan activities to create a sense of community within an academic department. DUGs help students make and strengthen connections with other concentrators, professors, and concentrator alums. They also help students explore various concentrations and career opportunities related to their disciplines.

DUGs represent their departments at concentration fairs and work with their faculty sponsors to organize a variety of events throughout the year. Chief among these is Brown Degree Days, at which Brown alums speak about the connections between their undergraduate concentrations and their careers. Other DUG events include lunches or teas with faculty and graduate students, field trips to relevant sites (such as museums or documentary screenings), guest speakers, workshops with CareerLAB staff, capstone/thesis celebrations, and movie nights. 

Each DUG is eligible for up to $1000 of funding per year: $500 from the department will be matched by $500 from the Dean of the College office. To apply for funds, a DUG must have: (a) at least one student leader, (b) a faculty sponsor, and (c) a list of activities for the year. DUG funding proposals must be submitted by October 15 via UFUNDS. The DUG's faculty advisor must also submit an endorsement via UFUNDS that includes the departmental account number. Please contact Dean Besenia Rodriguez (863-2411) for more information.