First Years

You and Your Meiklejohn

Your Meiklejohn understands that you are new to Brown, but also that you may have ideas about what you want your time to Brown to look like. If you don't have any idea about what these next four years will look like, that's OK too! Your Meiklejohn is here for you. But remember, advising is not a one-way street. Don't expect your Meiklejohn to talk at you for half an hour during your meetings, or to push you down paths you don't want to go. Your Meiklejohn will encourage you to branch out, try something new, find your niche. He or she will want to get to know YOU. They will ask you tough questions, like WHY do you want to concentrate in X or WHEN are you going to find time for five classes? 

Your first year at Brown is a time for discovery. You don't need to know right off the bat what you want in life, or even in your four years here. You might start to get a better sense of where you want your academic path to take you. Your Meiklejohn will help you consider academic areas and social activities you never thought of and help you build on your strengths. Your Meiklejohn will help you experiment at Brown. But there is one thing your Meiklejohn will never do: tell you what to do. (You wouldn't do that to the important people in your life, would you?) Rather, he or she will advise you.

As a supportive critic for your first year, your Meiklejohn will listen and discuss, backing some decisions, challenging others, cautioning against possible pitfalls, suggesting other possibilities, and referring widely. Your Meiklejohn will always respect your responsibility and accountability. 

It’s not all about classes

Every piece of Brown is interrelated; it is impossible to separate academic advising from helping you transition to life at Brown. Your Meik will give curricular advice, but the advising he or she provides extends to topics such as:

·     Encouraging the formation of relationships with professors and deans

·     Helping with effective office hours techniques

·     Taking advantage of events on campus

·     Strategizing your own academic path

·     Exploring extracurricular opportunities

·     Utilizing Brown’s academic and non-academic resources

·     Acting as a resource for all troubles

 Your Meiklejohn may not be able to help you with every problem you encounter at Brown, but he or she WILL know who can help you. Meiklejohns are experts on finding resources on campus and are eager to help in any way they can!

 A Year-long Relationship

Don't forget that your first year is exactly that. Not a first semester, or month, or week. A year. Your Meiklejohn knows this, and is with you for that entire year. Your questions might change as you get more comfortable in your life at Brown, and your Meiklejohn will be right there alongside you. Don't forget about them; they won't forget about you.