Sophomore Reconnections

As a sophomore, you know much more about Brown’s curricular options, resources, and opportunities than when you arrived on campus as a first-year student.  At the same time, you may be feeling some pressure to makes some decisions; after all, you’ll need to declare your concentration in the middle of your fourth semester.

The range of choices you have—and the decisions you have to make—may seem daunting.  But remember that you are not required to decide everything all at once, or all alone.  You began to build a network of people in your first year who can continue to offer you guidance, and who can help you explore options that will make your sophomore year rich and meaningful.

Click on the links at left to read more about the programs we have for sophomores and the people at Brown who are ready to reconnect with you—or connect with you for the first time. You will also want to read A Guide to your Sophomore Year, a student-written guide for your second year of study.