Advising Networks

Every Brown student has a particular set of interests and passions that inform his or her academic choices. The advising networks that students build at Brown are similarly diverse. A student interested in literature and theatre will need support from advisors in both the English Department and Theatre, Speech, and Dance, while an American Studies concentrator who aspires to write short stories will have mentors in Literary Arts and perhaps Ethnic Studies, English, or History.

Your sophomore advisor and concentration advisors are key people in your advising network. But you should also build advising relationships with your course instructors, other students, and various administrators and special faculty advisors on campus.  This page describes the main advising resources that students can use to complement the advising they receive from their primary academic advisors.

Randall Advisors

Randall advisors are a group of knowledgeable, caring faculty members who work exclusively with sophomores. Representing a range of academic disciplines at Brown, Randall advisors are willing to discuss academic choices and challenges in light of students' extracurricular activities, proposed concentrations, and overall life plans. Students may arrange to meet with Randall advisors by contacting them directly through e-mail. You may also contact Ms. Ivone Aubin in the Dean of the College office at 863-2676 to make an appointment with a Randall advisor. 

Faculty Advising Fellows

This year the Faculty Advising Fellows Program, which serves all classes, will operate out of a new drop-in advising center called Advising Central on the second floor of the J. Walter Wilson Building. Every afternoon faculty fellows will be on hand to meet informally with students, to offer advice, and to direct students to resources and colleagues across campus. Programs of special interest to sophomores will be held throughout the year.  

Deans of the College

Associate Dean for First-Year and Sophomore Studies Carol Cohen and Assistant Dean for Academic Support and Transfer Yolanda Rome are the two main deans who support first-years and sophomores. Deans Cohen and Rome have advising expertise in issues pertaining to the sophomore year and hold open office hours every week. You can arrange to see each of them by appointment as well, if their open hours are not at a convenient time for you. All academic deans are available to answer any questions you have about selecting and declaring a concentration. They each hold open hours every week and are also available by appointment.