Health Services

Brown's Health Services provides wellness services and round-the-clock medical care to Brown students. Students may make daytime appointments with staff physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and nurses. Students should call Health Services for advice on what to do if they are ill or if they have medical questions.

Can I have my prescriptions filled at Brown?

The pharmacy at Brown's Health Services can fill prescriptions. To fill a prescription, Health Services requires a written or telephone prescription from a student’s health care provider. Health Services can also transfer refills from the pharmacy that originally filled the prescription. Or you can see one of our health care professionals in Health Services to obtain a prescription. For more information, call the pharmacy at 401 863-7872.

The Health Services pharmacy also carries many over-the-counter products.

How do I schedule an appointment?

To schedule an urgent or routine appointment, call 863-3953. For urgent problems, same day appointments are available Monday – Friday from 9:30 am – 4:30 pm. For non-urgent problems, we will often be able to accommodate you the same day or in the near future.

When classes are in session, medical advice and urgent care are available 24 hours/7 days. Please call the nursing staff at 863-1330 for advice on what to do. Emergency Medical Services is always available by calling Brown Public Safety at 863-4111.

I have an immunization form to turn in; who do I give it to?

Return it to Health Services as soon as possible. You may send it by mail to Brown University Health Services, Box 1928, Providence RI 02912. Once you are on campus, you may drop the form off at Health Services, located at the corner of Brown and Charlesfield Streets, or put it in campus mail to Health Services Box 1928. All incoming students are required to submit a complete health history form with medical history and immunization information.

I have health insurance; do I have to pay the Health Fee?

Health Fee

All enrolled students are required to pay the Health Services fee. Brown’s mandatory Health Services fee covers most general medical care at Health Services, including primary care by provider staff, use of Brown University Emergency Medical Services, inpatient/overnight care, campus-wide health education, Brown University Psychological Services, and Health Services’ various public health functions. For additional information, please visit Health Services' website, e-mail, or call 401 863-3953.

Health Services records are confidential and are not released to anyone, including parents and legal guardians, without written authorization from the student. There are a few exceptions when release of specific information without a student’s expressed consent is necessary in emergencies or as required by law.

Health Insurance

Brown students are required to have health insurance. Students not covered under a parental or other insurance plan are automatically enrolled in the insurance plan offered by the University. This plan is designed specifically to complement the services provided by Health Services and is the result of a competitive bid process. Students may waive enrollment in the Student Health Insurance Plan if they are covered by a comparable health insurance plan (the Insurance website includes criteria to consider when evaluating plans); if you do not want to participate in the University's Student Health Insurance Plan, a waiver form must be submitted by the deadline each academic year. Additional information is available here. You will need your Banner ID to complete the on-line waiver form.

Who can answer my questions about the Student Health Insurance Plan?

Contact Brown’s Office of Insurance and Risk at 401 863-1703. Additional information is available online.