T/V/RUE Materials to Send to Brown

Once you accept admission to Brown, you will be sent a packet of materials containing Transfer Guide to Brown, which introduces you to life at Brown, along with a number of forms that must be returned to various offices. Required forms and their deadlines are listed below. Select the name of the form to access either a downloadable PDF or to be redirected to a site with additional information. 

Note: We strongly encourage you to retain syllabi from your previous courses and to order a copy of your transcript for your own use. Concentration advisors may request these materials when you meet with them to discuss concentration credit for transfer courses upon your arrival.

Item Deadline for Fall Transfers Deadline for Midyear Transfers
Activate Brown Email Account As soon as possible As soon as possible

Final College Transcript(s)
Before 7/1: Use the green envelope mailed to you, or send to:

College Admission Office
Brown University
Box 1876
Providence, RI  02912

After 7/1:

Transfer Dean
Brown University
Dean of the College Office
Box 1828
Providence, RI  02912

As soon as possible As soon as possible, transcript of fall work by January 5
Advanced Placement Scores Request by June 1 for July 1 delivery to Brown
Request by June 1 for July 1 delivery to Brown
Housing Form July 1
New Student Questionnaire 
December 15
Housing Preference Form 
Online Health History Form July 1 January 5
Student and Employee Accessibility Services (SEAS) Request for Information July 1 January 5

Transfer Credit Form
*Due to changes in procedures, you will not need to submit this form*


July 1 January 5
Parents Leadership Form
Use the envelope mailed to you
July 1 January 5
International Student Orientation Registration (mandatory for all visa-holding students) August 1 n/a
Brown ID Card Photograph
Log in > "Applicant and Student" > "Submit ID Photo"
August 1 November 1
Meal Plan Contract Changes
Log in > "Personal Information" > "Meal Plan and Brown Card Declining Balances"
Visit the Dining Services site
August 1 January 5
Lottery to enroll in Visual Arts 0100 (Studio Foundation) (optional)
Lottery opens July 15
August 5 by 5:00 PM November 12 by 5:00 PM
Summer Chem 0100-web Tutorial Registration (optional) 
Tutorial may be accessed via MyCourses 
August 15 August 15
Online Tutorial
Check your Brown email for a personalized link
August 15 *Deadline extended to January 15*
Letter to Advisor August 15 *Deadline extended to January 15*

Expected Course List
Enter the courses you plan to take in your "shopping cart." This list will help guide your first advising conversations. 

August 15 January 5
Bear Bucks Account Deposit Slip
Before arrival Before arrival