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Letter to Advisor, Course Selection, Visual Arts lottery, and Updating Your Personal Information

July 11th, 2014

Greetings from Brown!
This week's email is a bit lengthy, but please read it carefully: it contains information about selecting your first set of courses at Brown, introducing yourself to your advisor, and entering a lottery for visual arts courses. We also ask you to verify the contact and personal information we have for you in our system.
Letter to your Advisor (August 15 deadline)
If you haven't yet done so, take some time to watch the documentary film Oil and Water and 
write a letter to your academic advisor. (You'll find out who your advisor is when you arrive on campus.) Visit the First Readings website to watch Oil and Water, and to find out more about the film and about David Poritz ’12 and Hugo Lucitante, the two young men profiled in it. 
Please submit your letter by August 15, through ASK.
Your first crack at selecting courses! 
As a new Brown student, we'd like you to sketch out a full semester plan of study, however 
tentative. Below are some tips on how to go about choosing courses, as well as instructions on how to add them to your "cart" in self-service Banner. 
Brown has 44 academic departments and almost 80 different concentrations. Now is the time to peruse them, along with the 2,000+ courses we offer each year. We suggest you begin by browsing the Course Announcement Bulletin and the Course Scheduler, which is available through self-service Banner.  The Scheduler allows you to browse in a number of different ways, including by department, time, or interest area. You can also go to Focal Point, our interactive web tool for exploring possible concentrations. Playing around on Focal Point will help you develop a sense of which departments and courses are of interest to you.
No later than August 15, place your tentative course selections in your cart in self-service 
Banner. Remember that the courses you select are only a plan, and a starting place for your first conversations with your advisor and Meiklejohn peer advisor. You'll be free to make changes to your cart at any time leading up to registration.
First-Year course lottery results & VISA 0100 Lottery (August 5 deadline)
You can now check the results of both rounds of the first-year course lottery by returning to the Course Lottery module in ASK. (We will register you for the courses in which you were placed through the lottery.)
The Visual Arts 0100 lottery opens this Tuesday, July 15, and remains open until August 5 at 5:00 pm. VISA 0100 (Studio Foundation) is a popular course suitable for both potential VISA concentrators and non-concentrators. You can enter the lottery through self-service Banner
Verify Parent Address and Emergency Information
We're about to send a welcome letter to parents of new students and ask that you review the parent/guardian mailing and email address information that we have for you in Banner, as we will use that information to send the letters. Please log into self-service Banner and go to the "My Family" tab; you don't need to enter address info for non-parental family members unless you live in their home. 
If you have parents at different addresses, use PR for a parent who lives with you; use PA for a parent who lives elsewhere; and use P2 only if you have a parent who lives at neither PR nor PA addresses. Use the "guardian" relationship-type label if you have a legally-appointed guardian who is not your parent. 
We also need to be able to contact the right person in an emergency, should that become 
necessary. So while you're in self-service Banner click the "Emergency Contacts" tab and fill in address and telephone number for parent, guardian, sibling, or spouse. Thank you!
The Advising Team
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