Engineering in Paris

At a Glance

City: Paris, France
Partner InstitutionEcole Centrale Paris
Housing: Residence Hall
Accepts Non-Brown Students: Yes
Language Requirement: none; FREN 100 or FREN 200 recommended
Special Feature: Orientation and intensive language program in Vichy at start of semester.


Students begin their semester with a four-week intensive language and orientation program in Vichy, located 3 hours from Paris in the Auvergne region in central France. Based at Cavilam-Alliance Francaise (Centre d’Approches Vivantes des Langues et des Médias), students enroll for credit in a French as a Foreign Language immersion course.  Fall and academic-year students begin their language studies in Vichy in late July, and spring semester students begin in early January.

In Paris, students directly enroll in courses at the Ecole Centrale Paris, known for its multidisciplinary approach to the engineering sciences and collaboration with industry. Fall semester and full-year students begin their regular courses at the Ecole Centrale Paris in late August; spring semester students begin their regular courses at ECP in early February. Students may choose from coursework in energy science, computer science and electrical engineering, mathematics, mechanical and civil engineering, physics, chemical engineering, and industrial engineering, management and economic systems; there are also a limited number of courses in humanities and social sciences.  In addition, all students are required to enroll in a French as a Foreign Language course for credit.

During the fall, students may choose from the following courses in English*:

  • Advanced Programming
  • Nanomechanics
  • Structural Dynamics and Acoustics OR Chemical Engineering for Industrial Applications
  • The Genome
  • Advanced Heat Transfer
  • Signal Processing

During the spring semester, students may choose the following courses in English*:

  • Computational Analysis
  • Nuclear Engineering; Numerical Optimization and Applications; Introduction to Atomic and Molecular Physics; Advanced Materials and Novel Devices for Information Technologies; OR Introduction to Purchasing
  • Combustion Modeling and Simulation; Programming Mobile Devices; Introduction to Computer and Artificial Vision; Introduction to Machine Learning; Science-Fiction & Physics; OR Cogeneration and Energy Production
  • Multiscale Surface Analysis; Advanced Numerical Simulation; High Performance Computing for Engineering and Finance; A Crash Course in Modern Mathematical Physics; OR Risk Assessment and Management
  • Heat Transfer; Introduction to Random Modeling; Multi-agent Modeling of Complex Systems; Applications of the Finite Element Method;  OR Production Planning and Scheduling.

*Courses subject to change.

Academic Calendar

  • Fall semester:  late July to late January
  • Spring semester: early January to mid-June
  • Academic year: late July to mid-June


In Vichy, housing options vary. In Paris, students are housed in campus residence halls at Ecole Centrale; most rooms are singles. The Residence des Eleves de l’Ecole Centrale Paris comprises student residences, cultural, leisure and athletic facilities as well as a library, auditorium and cafeteria.

Application Instructions

Apply by the deadline using Brown’s online application system via the "apply now" and "return to application" buttons on the right side of this page.  Applications typically require faculty recommendations so it is important to begin the process early. Host institution application also required.