Brown in Germany

At a Glance
City: Berlin
Partner: Humboldt University
Housing: Shared apartments
Language Requirements: Track 1 - GRMN500, Track 2 - GRMN300
Calendar: Full Year or Spring semester
Accepts Non-Brown Students: Yes


Imagine yourself in the lively capital city of Berlin, where you will find yourself immersed in Germany’s rich culture and complex history. Continuing to grapple with the effects of the 1989 reunification while experiencing steady growth of its ethnic minority population, Berlin offers an ideal venue to study the changing face of present-day Europe and a fascinating glimpse into Germany’s past, present and future.


Brown's Berlin program begins a month-long orientation that includes a German language course, cultural activities, and visits to different areas of the city. Students do not receive credit for the orientation.

Track 1 vs. Track 2

Track 1 is a full immersion experience in which students take all of their courses in German at Humboldt Universität. Students are required to have completed at least GRMN 0500 to participate in this track. 

Track 2, for students who have completed GRMN 0300 (or the equivalent of three semesters of college-level German), may take advanced level courses in English at Humboldt Universität. Track 2 students are required to enroll in a German language course while on this program.


Following orientation, students enroll in at least four courses at Humboldt Universität, including one German language course in  the Sprachenzentrum. The remaining three classes may be Proseminare, Seminare (junior/senior level courses) or Übungen (lab courses with field trips). Students are encouraged to attend Vorlesungen (lecture courses in which there is no assessed work).  Students may take a maximum of two Vorlesungen, and may opt to enroll in one or both for credit. Students who wish to earn credit must arrange with the professor to be given work on which a grade can be assessed. 

Past program participants have studied history, art history, international studies, political science, religion, German, Medical Studies, natural sciences, chemistry, physics, computer science, comparative literarture, and international relations. Students may enroll in all departments of the universities for which they have appropriate academic preparation. 

In addition to academic programs, students have pursued internships at art galleries, the Aspen Institute, and the American embassy. 

Academic Calendar
Participants may enroll for either the spring semester or the full year.

  • Orientation: September or March
  • Full Year: October through July
  • Spring Semester Only: April through July 


Students are initially housed in the Humboldt University guest house in Berlin. Throughout the orientation period, students work with the Resident Director and a local housing agency to find a room in a shared apartment, where they will live with local Germans for the remainder of the semester or year.

Application Instructions

Apply by the deadline using Brown's online application system via the "apply now" and "return to application" buttons on the right side of this page.  Applications typically require faculty recommendations so it is important to begin the process early.