Brown +1: CUHK's Master of Arts in Chinese Studies

CUHK's Master of Arts in Chinese Studies program is:

  • a flexible, interdisciplinary one-year MA program
  • taught and examined in English in China
  • designed to accommodate a wide range of interests and needs for graduate training in Chinese Studies

MACHS students complete 8 courses (24 units) to graduate.

Course exemption

Brown graduates who enroll in the MA in Chinese Studies Program may be exempted from one of the following 3-unit undergraduate/postgraduate courses if taken at CUHK during junior year study abroad.

Course Code Title
ECON2320 Contemporary Chinese Economy
ECON3250 Chinese Economy: Heritage and Change
ECON3310 Economy of China
ECON3320 Asia-Pacific Economies
ECON3350 China, Hong Kong and the World Economy
ECON3370 Business Environment in China
ECON3580 Emerging Financial Markets of China
GPAD3260 Public Policy and Administration in China
GPAD4385 Institution & Reform in China
HIST3210 History of Traditional Japan
HIST3221 History of Modern Southeast Asia
HIST3350 Chinese Diaspora
HIST4313 Chinese History in the Field
HIST4350 Sino-US Relations since 1949
MGNT2510 Introduction to International Business
MGNT4150 Global Strategy
MGNT4510 China Business
MKTG2010 Marketing Management
MKTG4070 Marketing in China

Cultural Activities

Brown students on exchange at CUHK as undergraduates may also participate in Centre for East Asian Studies/MA Program events and activities, including, but not limited to:

  • International Poets in Hong Kong workshops and symposia
  • Film screenings and conversations with visiting director (2011: Lou Ye)
  • Monthly graduate student research seminars

Career Prospects

MA in Chinese Studies graduates continue on to MBA and PhD programs; others are employed in the business and education sectors.